Milton - PR3550 .D77 1777 M1

i66 PARADISE LOST 4 Boole VI. Honor, dominion, glory, and renown ; Who have futlain'd one day in doubtful fight (And if one day, why not eternal days ?) What heav'n's Lord hath powerfulleft to fend 425 Againft us from about his throne, and judg'd Sufficient to fubdue us to his will. But proves not fo I-then fallible, it feems, Or future we may deem him, though till now Omnifcient thought. True is, leis firmly arm'd, 430 Some difadvantage we indur'd, and pain, Till now not known, but known as loon contemn'd; Since now we find this our empyreal form Incapable of mortal injury, Imperifhable ; and though pierc'd with wound, 435 Soon clofing, and by native vigor heal'd. Of evil then fo fmall, as eafie think The remedy : perhaps more valid arms, Weapons more violent, when next we meet, May ferve to better us, and worfe our foes, 440 Or equal what between us made the odds, In nature none: if other hidden caufe Left them fuperior, while we can preferve Unhurt our minds, and underfianding found, Due fearch and confultation will difclufe. 445 He fat ; and in th' affembly next upflood Nifroc, of Principalities the prime ; As one he flood efcap'd from cruel fight, Sore toird, his riven arms to havoc hewn ; And cloudy in .;.1pL:C2t thus anfwering fpake. Deliverer from new Lords, leader to free Enjoyment of our right, as Gods ! yet hard For Gods, and too unequal work we find, Againft unequal arms to fight in pain, 45° Againft