Milton - PR3550 .D77 1777 M1

BOOK VI. PARADISE LOST. Into the walleful Deep : the monftrous fight Struck them with horror backward; but far warfe Urg'd them behind : headlong themfelves they threw Down from the verge of h:av'n ; eternal wrath 86s Burn'd after them to the bottomlefs pit. Hell heard th' infufferable noife, hell law ileav'n ruining from heav'n, and would have fled Affrighted ; but ftria fate had cart too deep Her dark foundations, and too fait had bound. 87o Nine days they fell ; confounded Chaos roar'd, And felt tenfold confufion in their fall Through his wild anarchy, fo huge a rout Incumber'd him with ruin 1 hell at laft [875 Yawning receiv'd them whole, and on them clos'd ; Hell, their fit habitation, fraught with fire Unquenehahle, the houfe of woe and pain. Disburden'd heav'n rejoic'd, and loon repair'd Her mural breach, returning whence it rowl'd. Sole Vitor, from th' expulfion of His foes, 88o Meffiah His triumphal chariot turn'd To meet Him all His Saints, who filent flood Eye-witneffes of His Almighty ads, With jubilee advanc'cl ; and as they went, Shaded with branching palm. each Order bright 885 Sung triumph, and Him lung Victorious King, Son, Heir, and Lord, to Him dominion giv'n, Worthieft to reign : He celebrated rode Triumphant through mid-heav'n, into the courts And temple of His Mighty Father thron'd 890 On high ; who into glory him receiv'd, Where now He fits at the right hand of Mils. Thus (meafuring things in heav'n by things on earth) At thy requeft, and that thou may'ft beware By