Milton - PR3550 .D77 1777 M1

3180 PARADISE LOST. Boca VI. By what is pal, to thee I have reveal'd 895 What might have elfe to human race been hid ; The dilcord which befel, and war in heav'n Among th' Angelic Pow'rs, and the deep fall Of thole too high afpiring, who rebell'd With Satan, he who envies now thy slate 90G Who now is plotting how he may feduce Thee Aso from obedience, that with him (Bereav'd of happinefs) thou may9II partake lrs punifhinrnt, eternal mifery ; Which would be all his folace and revenge, 905 As a dcfpite done againft the Moll High, Thee once to gain companion of his woe. But liften not to his temptations, warn Thy weaker : let it profit thee to have heard, By terrible example, the reward 910 Of ciifobedience : firm they might have flood, Yet fell. Remember, and fear to tranfgrefs. THE END OF THE SIXTH BOOIC.