Milton - PR3550 .D77 1777 M1

r14. PARADISE- LOST. BooxIi Their great Commander; God-like fhapes and forms Excelling human, Princely Dignities, And Pow'rs, that earft in heaven fat on thrones ; 360 Tho' of their names in heav'nly records now Be no memorial ; blotted out and ras'd By their rebellion, from the books of life. Nor had they yet among the ions of Eve 364 Got them new names; till wand'ring o'er the earth, Thro' GA's high fufferance for the tryal of man, By falfities and lies the greatefl part Of mankind they corrupted, to forfake Gcd their creator, and th' invifible Glory of him that made them, to transform 370 Oft to the image of a brute, adorn'd With gly religions full of pomp and gold, And Devils to adore for Deities : Then were they known to men by various names, And various idols thro' the heathen world. 375 Say, Mule, their names then known; who fir(}, who Rouz'd from the {lumber, on that fiery couch, [fait, At their great Emperor's call, as next in worth Came Tingly where he flood, on the bare ftrand, While the promifcuous crowd flood yet aloof ? 380 The chief were thole who from the pit of hell Roaming to leek their prey on earth, durft fix Their feats long after next the feat of God, Their altars by his altar, Gods ador'd Among the nations round, and dura abide 385 Jehovah thund'ring cut of Sion, thron'd Between the Cherubim ; yea, often plac'd Within his laatuary it left their !brines, Abominations l and with curled things His holy rites and folema feafis prophan'd, 390 And with their datknefs daft affront his light. Firft