Milton - PR3550 .D77 1777 M1

Boon L PARADISE LOST. 15 Firft Moloch, horrid King, befmear'd with blood Of human facrifice, and parents tears, Tho' for the noife,of drums and timbrels loud Their children cries unliear!, that pa(l thro' fire 395 To his grim idol. " Him the Ammonite Worfhip'd in Rabba, and her wat'ry plain, In Argob and in Baian, to the ftream Of utmoft Arnon. Nor content with Inch Audacious neighbourhood, the wifeft heart 400 Of S,lomon he led by fraud, to build His temple right againft the temple of God, On the opprobious hill, and made his grove Tne pleafant valley of Hianon, Tophet thence And black Gehenna call'd, the type of hell. 405 Next Chernos th! oblcene dread of Moab's Ions, From Aroar to Nebo, and the Wild Ot fouthmoft Abarim ; in Hefebon And Hronaim, Seon's realm, beyond The fiow'ry dale of Sibma, clad With vines ; 410 And Eleale to th' Afphalric pool : Peor his other name, when he entic'd Ifrael in Sittim on their march from Nile, To do him wanton rites, which colt them woe. Yet thence his luftful Orgies he enlarg'd Even to that hill of fcandal, by the grove Of Moloch homicide, hitt hard by hate; 'fill good Jofi,h drove them thence to hell; With thefe came they, who from the bord'ring flood Of old Euphrates, 10 the brook that parts 420 )Egypt from Syrian ground, had general names Of Baalim and Arlicaroth ; thole male, There feminine : (For spirits when they pleafe Can either rex afTume, or both ; fo loft And uncompounded is their effence pure, 425 Not ty'd or manaci'd with joint or limb, Nor,