Milton - PR3550 .D77 1777 M1

PARADISE LOST. BOOK In courts and palaces he alto reigns, And in luxurious cities, where the noife Of riot afcends above their loftieft tow'rs And injury and outrage and when night Darkens the ftreets, then wander forth the Eons Of Belial, flown with infolence and wine. Witnefs the fireets of Sodom, and that night In Gibeah, when the hofpitable door Expos'd a matron to avoid worfe rape. 505 Thefe were the prime in order and in might ; The refit were long to tell, tho' far renown'd, Th' Ionian Gods, of Javan's iffue held Gods, yet confefs'd later than heav'n and earth, Their boafled parents. Titan, heav'ns firfl-born, 519 With his enormous brood, and birthright leiz'd By younger Saturn : he from mightier Jove, His own and Rhea's fon, like meafure found ; So Jove ufurping reign'd : thefe firft in Crete And Ida known, thence on the fnowy top 515 Of cold Olympus rul'd the middle air, Their higheft heav'n ; or on the Delphian Cliff, Or in Dodona, and thro' all the bounds Of Doric land ; or who with Saturn old Fled over Adria to the Hefperian fields, And o'er the Celtic roam'd the utmoft ifles. All thefe and more came flocking, but with looks Down-call and damp, yet fuch wherein appear'd Obfcure fume glitnpfe of joy, to have found their Chief Not in defpair, to have found themfelves not loft 525 In lots it Pelf ; which on his count'nance call Like doubtful hue : but he his wonted pride Soon recolletting, with high words, that bore Semblance of worth, not fubCtance, gently rais'd Their 50° 520