Milton - PR3550 .D77 1777 M1

BOOK I. PARADISE LOST. Their fainting courage, and difpell'd their fears. 530 Then (trait commands that at the warlike found Of trumpets loud, and clarions, be uprear'd His mighty flandard : that proud honour claim'd Azazel as his right, a Cherub tall ; Who forthwith from the glittering flaff unfurl'd 535 Th' imperial enfign ; which full high advanc'd, Shone like a meteor ftreaming to the wind, With gems and golden luare rich imblaz'd, Seraphic arms and trophies ; all the while Sonorous metal blowing martial founds : 540 At which the univerfal hoft up fent A fhout that tore hell's concave ; and beyond Frighted the reign of Chaos and old Night. All in a moment thro' the gloom were feen Ten thoufand banners rife into the air, 545 With orient colours waving : with them role A foreft huge of fpears ; and thronging helms Appear'd, and ferried fhields in thick array, Of depth immeafurable : anon they move In perfed Phalanx to the Dorian mood 55c1 Of flutes, and loft recorders ; fuch as rais'd To height of nobleft temper Heroes old Arming to battel ; and inftead of rage, Deliberate valor breath'd, firm, and unmov'd With dread of death to flight or foul retreat ; 555 Nor wanting power to mitigate and fwage, With folemn touches, troubled thoughts, and chafe Anguifh, and doubt, and fear, and torrow, and pain, From mortal or immortal minds. Thus they Breathing united force, with fixed thought 56D Mov'd on in filence to loft pipes, that charm'd Their painful fteps o'er the burnt foil and now Advanc'd in view, they Band, a horrid front Of dreadful length, and dazzling arms, in guile Of