Milton - PR3550 .D77 1777 M1

PARADISE LOST. Boole IL Sea-faring men o'erwatch'd, whole bark by chance, Or pinnace, anchors in a craggy bay After the tempeft ; fuch applaufe was heard 290 As Mammon ended, and his fentence pleas'd, Advifing peace ; for fuch another field They dreaded worfe then hell : fo much the fear Of thunder, and the (word of Michael, Wrought ffill within them ; and no leis defire 295 To found this nether empire, which might rife, By policy, and long procefs of time, In emulation oppofite to heav'n. Which when Beelzebub perceiv'd (than whom Satan except, none higher fat) with grave Soo Afpea he rote, and in his riling feem'd A pillar of flaw ; deep on his front engravers Deliberation fat, and public care ; And princely counfel in his face yet (hone, Msjeffick though in ruin : fage he flood, 305 With Atlantean fhoulders fit to bear The weight of rnightieft monarchies ; his look Drew audience and attention Rill as night, Or fummer's noon-tide air, while thus he fpake. Thrones, and Imperial Pow'rs, offspring of heav'n, Ethereal Virtues ! or there titles now 311 Mull we renounce, and changing ftyle be call'd Princes of hell ? for fo the popular vote Inclines, here to continue, and build up here A growing empire : doubtless I while we dream, 315 And know not that the king of heav'n bath doom'd This place our dungeon, not our fafe retreat Beyond his potent aim to live exempt From heav'n's high juriidi6tion, in new league Banded againfl his throne: but to remain 329 In flrideft bondage, though thus far rernov'd, Under