Milton - PR3550 .D77 1777 M1

BOOK If. PARADISE LOST. Under th'inevitable curb, referv'd His captive multitude: For he, be lure, In height or depth, Hill &II and fall will reign Sole King, and of his kingdom lofe no part 325 By our revolt ; but over hell extend His empire, and with iron fceptre rate Us here, as with his golden thole in heav'n. What fit we then projeaing peace and war ? War hath cl,:terinin'd us, and foil'd with lots 330 Irreparable ; terms of peace yet none, Vouchfaf'd or fought : for what peace will be giv'n To us enflav'd, but cuflody fevere, And flripes, and arbitrary punithment Inflicted ? and what peace can we return ? 335 But, to our power, haaility, and hate, Untam'd reluctance, and revenge, though flow, Yet ever plotting how the conqueror lealt May reap his conqueft, and may leaft rejoice In doing what we moil in fuffering feel ? 340 Nor will occafion want, nor (hall we need With dangerous expedition to invade Heav'n, whole high walls fear no affault or fiege, Or arribufh ircm the deep : what if we find Some eafier enterprize ? there is a place, 345 (If ancient and prophetic fame in heav'n Err not) another world, the happy feat Of fome new race cali'd man, about this time To be created like to us, though lets In pow'r and excellence, but favour'd more 35c) Of him who rules above : fo was his will Pronounc'd among the Gods, and by an oath, That (hook heav'e's whole circumference, confirtn'd. Thither let us bend all our thoughts, to learn What creatures there inhabit, of what mold, 355 Or fiabilance, how endu'd, and what their pow'r, And 39