Milton - PR3550 .D77 1777 M1

BOOK II. PARADISE LOST. 53. My bowels, their repail; then hurtling forth Soo Afrefh with confcious terrors vex me round, That rat or intermiflion none I find. Before mine eyes in oppofition fits Giim Death my fon and foe ; who Pets them on, And me his parent would full loon devour 8o5 For want of other prey, but that he knows His end with mine involv'd ; and knows that I S,c).u/d prove a bitter model, and his bane, Wht:never that (ball be ; fo fate pronounc'd. But thou 0 father ! I forewarn thee, (bun His deadly arrow ; neither vainly hope To be invuln'rable in thofe bright arms, Though temper'd heav'nly; for that mortal dint, bive He who reigrls above, none can refill ! She finifli'd, and the fubtle fiend his lore 815 Soon learn'd, now milder, and thus anfwer'd fmooth. Dear daughter, fence thou ciaim'fl me for thy fire, Ana my fair fon here thowlt me (the dear pledge Of dalliance had with thee in heav'n, and joys Then tweet, now fad to mention, thro' dire change 820. Bcfairn us unforefeen, unthought of) know I come no enemy, but to let free From out this dark and difmal houfe of pain, Both him and thee, and all the heav'nly boll Of fpirits that (in our juit pretences arm'd,) 8a Fell with us from or high : from them I go This uncouth errand fole ; and one for all My feif expofe, with lonely fteps to tread Th' unfounded Deep, and through the void immenfe To fearch with wandring quell a place foretold 83o Should be, and, by concurring figns, e'er now Created, %raft and round ; a place of blifs