Milton - PR3550 .D77 1777 M1

58 PARADISE LOST. Boole IIe Chaos and Antient Night, I come no fpy With purpofe to explore or to diflurb The fecrets of your realm, but by confiraint Wandring this darkfome defart, as my way Lies through your fpacious empire up to light, Alone, and without guide, half loft, I Peek 975 What readieft path leads where your gloomy bounds Confine with heav'n : or if fome other place From your dominion won, th' ethereal King Polrefies lately, thither to arrive I travel this Profound, dire&my courfe ; 980 Direted, no mean recompenfe it brings To your behoof, if I that region loft, All ufurpation thence expell'd, reduce To her original darknefs, and your Tway, (Which is my preient journey) and once more 985 Erect the ftandard there of Antient Night ; Yours be th' advantage all, mine the revenge. Thus Satan ; and him thus the Anarch old, With fault'ring fpeech arid vifage incompos'd, Anfwer'd. I know thee, ftranger, who thou art, 990 That mighzy leading Angel, who of late Made head againft heav'n's King, though overthrown. I faw and heard ; for fuch a num'rous hoft Fled not in lilence through the frighted Deep, With ruin upon ruin, rout on rout. 995 Confufion work confounded : and heav'n gates Pour'd out by millions her victorious bands Purfuing. I upon my frontiers here Keep residence ; if all I can will ferve, That little which is left fo to defend, i000 Encroacht on frill through our intestine broils, Weakning the fceptre of old Night : firft hell, Your dungeon, ftretching far and wide beneath : Now 970