Milton - PR3550 .D77 1777 M1

60- PARADISE LOST.; Boo. II; A glimmering dawns here nature firft begins Her far, theft verge, and Chaos to retire, As from her ontmoft works a broken foe, With tumult Ids and with lefs fiddle din ; That Saran with lefs toil, and now with eafe on the calmer wave by dubious light ; And like a weather-beaten veffel holds Gladly the port, though ihruds and tackle torn : Or in the emptier walk, refembling air, 1045 Weighs his ipread wings, at leafure to behold Far off th' empyreal Iteav'n, extended wide In circuit, undetermiii'd f'quare or round : Wich opal tow'rs, and battlements adorn'd Of living faphir, once his native feats 1050 And fall by hanging in a golden chain This pendent world, in bignefs as a fiat Of imalleil magnitude, clofe by the moon. Thither full fraught with mifchievous revenge, 4(3.mi:ft, and in a culled hour he hies. Iogs 1040 TIil END OF THE SECOND BOOK. THE