Milton - PR3550 .D77 1777 M1

Bp= III. PARADISE LOST. 4.0 Their finful flate, and to appeare betimes Th' incenfed De4y, while, offer'd grice Invites : for I will clear thtir fenfr.s dark, What may fuffice, az-:A !often finny hearts To pray, repent, and bring obedience due. 190 To pray'r, repentance, and obtdience due, Though but enleavour'd with fine:ere intent, Mint ear (hall not b 11 w, mine eye not fhut, And I will place within them as a guide My umpire Confcience ; whc,ui if they will hear, 195, Light alter light well us'ii they Iliad attain, APd o he end perfiffing, fife arrive. This my long baff.rance, and my day of grace, They who negled and Iccsrn, !hall oeve ath ; pat hrd be harden'd, blind be blinded more ; 200 11-a t they may iltunble on, and deeper fall : And none but fuch from mercy I exclude. But yet all is not done: Man difobeying, Difloyd breaks his feety, and fins Againft the high furenlacy of neav'n, 205 Affi:eting God-head, and 1) Infv:g To expiate his treafGn bath nought left, But m-d.ellrudion facred and devote, He with his whole poilerity mull die, Die he or Jullice mutt ; unlels for him 210, Some other able, ati,f1 as willing, pay The rigid fatisfadion, death for death. Say heav'nly Pow'rs, where (hall: we find fuch love ? Which of ye will be mortal to redeem Man's mortal crime: and jolt, th' unjufi to lave ? 215 Dwells in all heaven charity lo dear ? He ailed, but all the heav'nly quire flood mute, And fiience was in heav'n: on man's behalf Patron or interceffor none appear'd, Much