Milton - PR3550 D77 1777 M2

CONTENTS or THE SECOND VOLUME. DAradife Loft, Book XII. - I The Index to Paradife Loft The Life of Milton. 331 351 383 POEMS ON SEVERAL OCCASIONS. L'Allegro : or, the Chearful Merry Man. - - 445 II Penferofo : or, the Thoughtful Melancholy Man. - 446 Lycidas, a Monody. - - - 455 On the Detraaion which followed, upon my writing certain - - 462 - - Idem. Treatifes -- On the fame Subjea. To the Lord General Fairfax To the Lord General Cromwell. To Sir Brenry Vane the Younger. The Author, on his own Blindnefs. To Cyriac Skinner. When the Affault was intended on the City. To a Virtuous Young Lady. To the Lady Margaret Ley. To Mr Lawrence. On Shakefpear. Paraphrafe on Pfalm cxiv. Song on May IVI.irning. On the Univerfity Carrier. On the fame Subjea. 470 The Author on his Deceafed Wife. 473 An Epitaph on the Marchionefs of Winchefter. 471 To Cyriac Skinner. Id< nt. Paradife Regain'd. kook I. 477 --- Book II. 495 - Book Iii. 5 s 1 Book IV. 527 Samfon Agonifles 547 Corms, a Tragical, Lyrical, and Moral Mafk. Ommagal1 6c5 463 Idem. 464 Idem 465 Idem. 466 467 468 469 Idem.