Milton - PR3550 D77 1777 M2

Book Title: Paradise Regain'd, Samson Agonistes, with the Mask of Comus: and Poems on Several Occasions 5
Paradise Regain'd. A Poem, in Four Books 7
Contents of the Second Volume 10
Poems on Serveral Occasions 11
The Twelfth Book of Paradise Lost 13
Index 35
The Life of Milton. by Thomas Newton, D.D. 67
Paradise Regain'd A Poem in Four Books 159
The Second Book of Paradise Regain'd 177
The Third Book of Paradise Regain'd 193
The Fourth Book of Paradise Regain'd 207
Samson Agonistes, A Dramatic Poem. The Author John MIlton 229
Comus: A Tragical, Lyrical, and Moral Mask. Presented at Ludlow-Castle, 1634 Before the Earl of Bridgewater, then President of Wales. 287