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To the Ed edition of the author's poems printed in 1645 was prefixed the following advertifement of The STATIONER to the READER. IT is not any private refpeEt of gain, gentle Reader, for the flighted pamphlet is now adays more vendible than the works of the molt learned men ; but it is the love I have to our own language, that bath made me diligent to colled and fet forth fuch pieces both in profe and verfe, as may renew the wonted honor and efteem of our Englifh tongue : and it's the worth of thefe poems, not the fiourifh of any prefixed encomiums that can invite thee to buy them, though thefe are not without the higheft commen- dations and applaufe of the learned Academics, both domedic and foreign ; and amongft thole of our own country, the unparallel'd atteftation of that renowned Provoll of Eton, Sir Henry Wotton. I know not thy palate how it relifhes fuch dainties, nor how harmo. nious thy foul is ; perhaps more trivial airs may pleafe thee better. But howfoever thy opinion is fpent upon thefe, that encouragement I have already received from the moft ingenious men in their clear and courteous entertainment of Mr. Wailer's late choice pieces, bath once more made me adventure into the world, prefenting it with thefe ever-green, and not to be blafted laurels. The Author's more peculiar excellency in thefe fludies was too well known to con- ceal his papers, or to keep me from attempting to folicit them from him. Let the event guide itfelf which way it will, I shall deferve of the age, by bringing into the light as true a birth, as the Mules have brought forth fince our famous Spenfer wrote ; whole poems in thefe are as rarely imitated, as fweetly excell'd. Reader, if thou art eagle-erd to cenfure their worth, I am not fearful to expofe them to thy exacted perufal. Thine to command, HUMPHREY MOSELEY.

CONTENTS or THE SECOND VOLUME. DAradife Loft, Book XII. - I The Index to Paradife Loft The Life of Milton. 331 351 383 POEMS ON SEVERAL OCCASIONS. L'Allegro : or, the Chearful Merry Man. - - 445 II Penferofo : or, the Thoughtful Melancholy Man. - 446 Lycidas, a Monody. - - - 455 On the Detraaion which followed, upon my writing certain - - 462 - - Idem. Treatifes -- On the fame Subjea. To the Lord General Fairfax To the Lord General Cromwell. To Sir Brenry Vane the Younger. The Author, on his own Blindnefs. To Cyriac Skinner. When the Affault was intended on the City. To a Virtuous Young Lady. To the Lady Margaret Ley. To Mr Lawrence. On Shakefpear. Paraphrafe on Pfalm cxiv. Song on May IVI.irning. On the Univerfity Carrier. On the fame Subjea. 470 The Author on his Deceafed Wife. 473 An Epitaph on the Marchionefs of Winchefter. 471 To Cyriac Skinner. Id< nt. Paradife Regain'd. kook I. 477 --- Book II. 495 - Book Iii. 5 s 1 Book IV. 527 Samfon Agonifles 547 Corms, a Tragical, Lyrical, and Moral Mafk. Ommagal1 6c5 463 Idem. 464 Idem 465 Idem. 466 467 468 469 Idem.

POEMS 0 N SEVERAL OCCASIONS, COMPOS'D AT SEVERAL TIMES, Y Mr. yollAr MILTON. Baccare frantem Cingite, ne mad noceat mala lingua future. Bind my Brow with Lady's-glove, left his 111 Tongue should hurt your future Poet. Eclog. 7. DAvinaon's Virgil;

*********** *****4010***4043 T E TWELFTH BOOK 0 F PARADISE LOST. 011410***********40************

THE ARGUMENT OF THE TWELFTH BOOK. TH E Angel Michael condones from the flood to relate what (hall fucceed ; then, in the menden of Abraham, comes by degrees to ex- plain, who that Seed of the Woman (hall be, which was promifed Adam and Eve in the fall ; his incarnation, death, refurreEtion, and afcenfion ; the date of the church till his fecond coming. Adam greatly fatisfied and recomforted by thefe relations and promifes de- fcends the hill with Michael ; wakens Eve, who all this while had slept, but with gentle dreams compos'd to quietnefs of mind and fob- oiffion, Michael in either hand leads them out of Paradife, the fiery "word Waviog behind them, and the Cheri bims taking their dations to guard the place. MIL 7-0 Ar's

M I L T O N '; PARADISE LOST: I N T W E L V E BOOKS. BOOK XII. S one who in his journey bates at noon, Tho' bent on fpeed fo here th' Arch-Angel palled, Betwixt the world deftroy'd, and world reftor'd, If Adam ought perhaps might interpofe Then, with tranfition fweet, new fpeech refumes. Thus thou haft feen one world begin, and end And man as from a fecond flock proceed. Much thou haft yet to fee : but I perceive Thy mortal fight to fail : objeds divine Mutt needs impair, and weary human fenfe. Henceforth what is to come I will relate ; Thou therefore give due audience, and attend. This fecond fource of men, while yet but few, And while the dread of judgment pall remains Frefh

332 PARADISE LOST. Boole XII. Frefh in their minds, fearing the Deity, is With tome regard to what is jufl and right Shall lead their lives, and multiply apace ; Lab'ring the foil, and reaping plenteous crop, Corn, wine, and oil : and from the herd, or flock, Oft facrificing bullock, lamb, or kid, 20 With large wine-offerings pour'd, and facred feat}, Shall fpend their days in joy unblatn'd ; and dwell Long time in peace, by families, and tribes, Under paternal rule : till one, (lull rife Of proud ambitious heart ; who (not content 25 With fair equality, fraternal ttate ;) Will arrogate dominion undeferv'd, Over his brethren, and quite difpoilefs Concord,_ and law of nature from the earth Hunting (and men, not beaus, (ball be his game) 30 With `war, and hoffile fnare, fuch as refute Subjeaion to his empire tyrannous. Amighty hunter thence he (hall be flyl'd Before the Lord ; as in defpite of heav'n, Or from heav'n, claiming fecond fov'reignty 35 And from rebellion than derive his name, Though of rebellion others he accufe. He with a crew, (whom like ambition joins With him, or under him to tyrannize) Marching from Eden tow'rds the well, thall find 40 The plain, wherein a black bituminous gurge Boils out from under ground, the mouth of hell. Of brick, and of that fluff, they call to build A city, and tow'r, whole top may reach to heav'n; And get tnemfelves a name : left, far difperft 45 foreign lands, their memory be loft ; lil.prdlefs whether good or evil fame. Put God (Who oft deicends to vifit men 7pLep? and through their habitations walks To

BOOK XiI. PARADISE LOST. 333 To mark their doings) them be.holding loon, so Comes down to fee their city, e'er the tow'r 00(trua heav'n tow'rs ; and in derifion lets Upon their tongues a various fpirit, to rate Qlite out their native language : and intlead, To low a jangling noife of words unknown. 55 Forthwith a hideous gabble riles loud, Among the builders ; each to other calls Not underflood ; till hoarfe and all in rage, As mock'd they floral : great laughter was in heav'n, And looking down ; to fee the hubbub firange, 6o And hear the din: thus was the building left Ridiculous ; and the work Confufion natn'd. Whereto thus Adam, fatherly difpleas'd. 0 execrable ion! fo to alp ire Above his brethren; to hinnfelf afiuming 65 Authority uturp'd, from God not giv'n. He gave us only over bealt, Hi, fowl Dominion abfolute ; that Eight we hold By his donation: but man over men He made not Lord : fuch title to himfelf Referving, human left from human free. But this ufurper his encroachment proud Stays not on man : to God his tow'r intends Siege, and defiance. Wretched man ! what food Will he convey up thither to fultain Hirntelf, and his rail) army ; where thin air Above the clouds will pine his entrails grols ; And familh him of breath, if not of bread ? 7° 75 To whom thus Michael. Judly thou abhorr'ft That fon, who on the quiet hate of men So Such trouble brought, fubdue Rational Iibeity : yet know withal!, c o inc

334 PARADISE LOST. BOOK Since by original lapfe, true liberty Is loft, which always with right reafon dwells Twiri'd, and from her bath no dividual being : 85 Reafon in man olofcued, or not obey'd, Immediately inordinate defires, And upftart paflions, catch the government From reafon; and to fervitude reduce Man, till then free. Therefore, fince he permits go Within himfelf unworthy pow'rs to regin, Over free reafon ; God in judgment juft Subjeds it from without to violent Lords : Who oft as undefervedly inthral His outward freedom. Tyranny mull be ; 95 Though to the tyrant thereby no excufe. Yet fontetimes nations will decline fo low From virtue (which is Reafon) that no wrong, But juflice, and fome fatal curie annex'd, Deprives them of their outward liberty; 100 Their inward loft ; witnefs th' irreverent fon Of him who built the Ark ; who for the fhame Done to his father, heard his heavy curie, " Servant of Servants," on his vicious race. Thus will this latter, as the former world, 105 Still tend from bad to worfe ; till God at laft Wearied with their iniquities, withdraw His pretence from among them, and avert His holy eyes ; refolving from thenceforth To leave them to their own polluted ways : And one peculiar nation to feled From all the reit, of whom to be invok'd ; A nation from one faithful man to fpring : Him on this fide Euphrates yet raiding, Bred up in idol-worfhip. 0 that men 115 (Canit thou believe ?) fhould be fo ftupid grown, While yet the Patriarch liv'd, who fcap'd the flood, As

BooK XII. PARADISE LOST. As to forfake the living God, and fall To worthip their own work in wood, and flone, For Gods ! Yet him God the Mott High vouchfafes To call by vifion, from his father's houfe, 121 His kindred, and fal(e Gods ; into a 13nd Which he will thew hum : and from him will raife A mighty nation ; and upon him thow'r His benedidion fo, that in his feed 125 All nations (hall be blefi he (bait obeys ; Not knowing to what land, yet firm believes. I fee him, (but thou canft not) with what faith He leaves his Gods, his friends, and native foil Ur of Chaldxa, palling now the ford 130 To Haran after him a cumbrous train Of herds, and flocks, and numerous fervitude : Not wandring poor, but trusting all his wealth With God, who cared him, in a land unknown. Canaan he now attains ; 1 fee his tents 135 Pitch'd about Sechem, and the neighb'ring plain Of Moreh. There, by promife he receives Gift to his progeny of all that land ; From Hamath northward, to the Defert fouth ; (Things by their names I call, tho' yet unnam'd) From Hermon eaft, to the great weftern lea ; 141 Mount Hermon ! yonder lea ! (each place behold In profpe6t, ss I point them) on the (bore Mount Carmel ; here the double-bunted ftream, Jordan, true limit eaftward : but his Ions 145 Shall dwell to Seir, that long ridge of hills ! This ponder, that all nations of the earth Shall in his feed be blared by that feed Is meant thy Great Deliverer, who (ball bruife The ferpenes,head ; wh( reof to thee anon iso Plainlier thall be reward. This Patriarch bleft. (Whom faithful Abraham due time (ball call) 335 A

336 PARADISE LOST. Pomo XII, A fon, and of his fon, a grand-child leaves ; Like him in faith, in wifdom, and renown. The grand-child with twelve Ions increas'd, departs From Canaan, to a land hereafter call'd 156 'Egypt, divided by the River Nile See where it flows, difgorging at feven mouths Into the lea! To fojourn in that land He comes, invited by a younger fon 16o In time of dearth ; a fon, whole worthy deeds Raife him to be the fecond in that realm Of Pharaoh : there he dies, and leaves his race Growing into a nation : and now grown, Sufptaed to a fequent King, who leeks 16s To lop their over-growth, as in-mate guefts Too numerous : whence of gueas he makes them flavcs Inholpitably ; and kills their infant males : Till by two brethren (thole two brethren call Moles, and Aaron) lent from God to claim 170 Us people from inthrallment, they return With glory, and fpoil, back to their promis'd land. But firLt the lawlefs tyrant, (who denies To know their God, or meffage to regard) Mull be compell'd by figns and judgments dire : 175 To blood unfhed, the rivers mutt be turn'd; Frogs, lice, and flies, mull all his palace fill With loath'd intrufion, and fill all the land : His cattle mull of rot, and murrain die ; Botches, and blains mull all his flefh imbols, 180 And all his people : thunder mix'd with hail, Hail mix'd with fire, mutt rend th' !Egyptian fky, And wheel on th' earth, devouring where it rolls : What it devours not, herb, or fruit, or grain, A darkfome cloud of locuils fwarming down 185 Mutt eat, and on the ground leave nothing green : Darknefs mull overfhadow all his bounds, Palpable

Book XII. PARADISE LOST; Palpable darknefs I and blot out three days : Laft, with one midnight-firoke, all the firft-born Of !Egypt mull lye dead, Thus with ten wounds The river-dragon tam'd at length, fubrnits 191 To let his fojournors depart ; and oft Humbles his (lubborn heart ; but Hill as ice More harden'd after thaw : till in his rage Purfuing whom he late difmifs'd, the lea 195 Swallows himwith his holt ; but them lets pats (As on dry land) between two chryflal walls ; Aw'd by the rod of Moles fo to Eland Divided, till his Refcu'd gain their fltore Such wondrous pow'r God to His Saint will lend, 200 Though prefent in His Angel I who mall go Before them in a cloud, and pillar of fire By day a cloud, by night a pillar of fire ; To guide them in their journey, and remove Behind them, while th' obdurate King purfues. 205 All night he will purfue ; but his approach Darknefs defends between, till morning watch ; Then through the fiery pillar, and the cloud, God looking forth will trouble all his holt, And craze their chariot-wheels : when, by command, Moles once more his potent rod extends 211 Over the lea ; the lea his rod obeys On their imbattel'd ranks the waves return, And overwhelm their war ! The race elect, Safe towards Canaan from the (Imre advance 215 Through the wild Defert ; not the readieft way ; Left entringon the Canaanite alarm'd, War terrify them in-expert, and fear Return them back to 'Egypt, chufing rather Inglorious life with fervitude : (for life, 220 To noble and ignoble, is more fwect Untrain'd in arms, where ra(hnefs leads not on.) Y y This 337

338 PAItADISE LOST. Boole XII. This alto (hall they gain by their delay In the wide wildernefs ; there they (hall found Their government, and their great fenate chufe 225 Thro' the Twelve Tribes, to rule by laws ordain'd. God from the Mount of Sinai, (whnfe gray top Shall tremble, He defcending,) will Himfelf In thunder, lightning, and loud trumpets found Ordain them laws part, fuch as appertain 230 To civil juftice ; part, religious rites Of facrifice ; informing them by types, And fhadows, of that dettin'd feed to bruife The ferpent; by what means he (hall atchieve Mankind's deliverance. But the v, ice of God 235 To mortal ear is dreadful ! They befeech That Morfes might report to them His Will, And terror ceafe : He grants what they befought ; Inftruded that to God is no accefs Without Mediator, whofe high office now 240 Mofes in figure bears ; to introduce One Greater, of whole day he (hall foretel, And all the prophets in their age the times Of Great Meffiah than fing. Thus laws and rites EtIablifh'd, fuch delight hath God in men Obedient to His Will, that He vouchfafes Among them to fet up His Tabernacle ; The Holy One with mortal men to dwell. By His prefcript a fan6tuary is fram'd Of cedar, overlaid with gold ; therein An Ark, and in the Ark His Teflimony, The records of His Cov'naet : over thele A mercy-feat of gold, between the wings Of two bright Cherubim before Him burn Seven lamps, as in a zodiac representing 255 The heav'nly'fites : over the tent a cloud Shall reft by day, a fiery gleam by night ; Save 245 250

BOOK xm PARADISE LOST. 339 Save when they journey, and at length thy come, Concluded by His Angel to the land Promis'd to ?:braham and His feed-The ref{ 260 Were long to tell ; how many battels fought ; How many Kings deftroy'd ; and Kingdoms won ; Or 11,,w the tun (hall in rnid-heav'n (land A ddy entire, and night'i due courfe adjourn, Man's vice commanding, " fun in Gibeon Eland, 265 " And thou moon in the vale of Ajalon, " Til Ifrael overcome ;" fo call the third From Abraham, fon of liaac ; and from him His whole detcent who thus fhall Canaan win. Here Adam interpos'd. 0 fent from heav'n, 270 Inlightner of my darknefs 1 gracious things Thou haft revcal'd; thole chiefly, which concern jutt Abraham, and his feed : now firft I find Mine eyes true op'ning, and my he2rt much eas'd ; E'er-while perplex'd with though ts,what wouldbecome Of me and all mankind but now I lee 276 His day, in Whom all nations fhall be bleft :. Favor unmerited by me, who fought ForbicLen knowledge by forbidden means! This yet I apprehend not, why to thole 280 Among whom God will deign to dwell on earth So many, and fo various, laws are giv'n : So many laws argue fo many fins Among them : how can God with filch refide ? To whom thus Michael. Doubt not but that fin 23:5 Will reign among them, as of thee begot : And therefore was law giv'n them to evince Their natural pravity, by flirting up Sin againft law to fight : that when they fee Law can difcover fin, but not remove 290 (Save

340 PARADISE LOST. Booze X11. (Save by thole fhadowy expiations weak, The blood of bulls and goats) they may conclude Some blood more precious mull be paid for man ; Jult for unjuft : that in fuch righreoufnefs To them by faith imputed, they may find 293 juftification towards God, and peace Of confcience ; which the law by ceremonies Cannot appeafe ; nor man the Moral part Perform; and not performing, cannot live. So law appears hnperfeCt ; and but giv'n 3 With purpofe to reign them, in full time, Up to a better cov'nant ; difciplin'd From fhadowy types to truth ; from flefh to fpirit ; From impofition of firia laws, to free Acceptance of large grace; from fervile fear 305 To filial ; works of law, to works of faith. And therefore (hall not Mores ( though of God Highly belov'd,) being but the Minifter Of Law, His people into Canaan lead ; But Jofhua : (whom the Gentiles Jefus call ; 310 His name and office bearing, who (hall quell The adverlary ferpent ; and bring back Through the world's wildernefs. long-wander'd man, Safe to Eternal Paradife of ref},) Mean while they, in their earthly Canaan plac'd, 315 Long time (hall dwell and profper : but when fins National interrupt their public peace ; Provoking God to raife them enemies ; From whom as oft He laves them penitent ; By Judges firft, then under Kings : of whom 320 The fecond, (both for piety renown'd, And puiffant deeds) a promife (hall receive Irrevocable, that his regal throne For ever Chill indure : the like (hall fang All prophecy, that of the royal flock 325 Of

BOOK XII. PARADISE LOST. Of David (fo I name this King) (hall rife A Son, the woman's feed to thee foretold ; Foretold to Abraham ; as in whom dial' truft All nations ; and to Kings foretold, of Kings The latl ; for of his \reign (hall be no end. 330 But firft a long fucceffion muff enfue : And his next fon, for wealth and wifdom fam'd, The clouded Ark of God, till then in tents Wand'ring, (hall in a glorious temple infhrine. Such follow him, as (hall be regifter'd 335 Part good, part bad ; of bad the longer fcrowl : Whole foul idolatries, and other faults Heap'd to the popular fury), will fo incenfe God, as to leave them, and expofe their land, Their city, his temple, and his holy Ark, 340 With all his facred things, a fcorn and prey To that proud city, 'Whole high walls thou faw'ft Left in confufion ; Babylon thence cali'd. There in captivity he lets them dwell The fpace of feventy years : then brings them back ; Remembring mercy, and his cov'nant (-worn 346 To David, flablifh'd as the days of heav'n. Return'd from Babylon, by leave of Kings Their Lords, whom God difpos'd, the Houle of God They firft re-edify : and for a while In mean eflate live moderate : till grown 350 In wealth and multitude, factious they grow. But &it, among the priefls diffention fprings ; Men who attend the altar, and fhould moll Endeavour peace : their ftrife pollution brings 355 Upon the Temple it fell: at laft they fetle The fceptre, and regard not David's Ions : Then lofe it to a ftranger, that the true Anointed King Methah might be born Barr'd of his right : yet at his birth a liar, 360 Unfeen 344

342 PARADISE LOST. Boom XII: Unfeen before in heav'n, proclaims him come ; And guides the eaftern fages, who inquire Ills place, to offer incenfe, myrrh and gold.: His place of birth a folemn Angel tells To Pimple (hepherds, keeping watch by night ; 365 They gladly thither hatte ; and by a choir OF fquadron'd Angels hear his carol lung. A Virgin is his Mother, but his Sire The Pow'r of the Mott High ! He (hall afcend The Throne hereditary, and bound his reign 370 With earth's wide bounds, his glory with the heav'ns! He ceas'd, difcerning Adam with fuck joy Surcharg'd, as had, like grief, been dew'd in tears Without the vent of words ; which thefe he breath'd. 0 prophet of glad tidings ! finilher 375 Of utmott hope ! now clear I undertland, What oft my fleadiell thoughts have fearch'd in vain : Why our great expectation Ihould be call'd, The feed of woman : Virgin Mother, hail ! High in the love of heav'n ! Yet from my loins 380 Thou (halt proceed, and from thy womb the Son Of God Molt High ; fo God with man unites. Needs mull the fervent now his capital bruife Expel with mortal pain : fay, where and when 384 Their fight, what Broke (hail bruife the victor's heel? To whom thus Michael. Dream not of their fight, As of a duel, or the local wounds Of head or heel : not therefore joins the Son Manhood to God-head, with more ftrength to foil Thy enemy : nor fo is overcome 390 Satan, whole fall from heav'n, deadlier bruife!} Difabled, not to give thee thy death's wound : Which

BOOK XII. PARADISE LOST: 34.3 Which he, who comes thy Saviour, (hall re-cure, Not by deftroying Satan, but his works, In thee and in thy feed. Nor can this be, 395 But by fulfilling (that which thou didft want.) Obedience to the law of God, impos'd On penalty of death, and (offering death ; The penalty to thy tranfgreffion due; And due to theirs which out of thine will grow: 4o So only can high jaltice rea appaid. The law of God exalt he (hall fulfil, Both by obedience and by love ; though love Alone fulfil the law : thy punithment He (hall indure, by coming in the flefh 405 To a reproachful life, and curled death : Proclaiming life to all who (hall believe In his redemption ; and that his obedience Imputed, becotnes theirs by faith ; his merits To fave them, not their own (tho' legal) works. 41© For this he !ball live hated, be blalphem'd, Seis'd on by force, judg'd, and to death condemn'd, A fhameful and accurit l nail'd to the crofs By his own nation ; thin for bringing life. But to the crofs he nails thy enemies, 415 The law that is again(( thee, and the fins Of all mankind, with him there crucify'd. Never to hurt them more, who rightly atilt In this his Satisfaction. So he dies, But loon revives ; death over him no pow'r 420 Shall long ufurp : e'er the third dawning light, Return, the (tars of morn (hall fee him rite Out of his grave, frefh as the dawning light, The ranfom paid, which man from death redeems, His death for man, as many as offer'd life 125 Negled not, and the ben; it embrace By faith, not void of works. This God-like a6t Annuls

344. ,PARADISE LOST. BOOK XII: Anpnls thy doom, the death thou fliouldfl have dy'd, sIn fin for ever loll from life : this ad Shall bruife the head of Satan, cilia) his firength, 430 Defeating fin and death, his two main arms : And fix far deeper in his head their flings, Than temporal death that! bruife the victor's heel, Or theirs whom he redeems : a death-like fleep ; A .gentle wafting to immortal life 435 Nor after RefurreElion (hall he flay Longer on earth, than certain times t' appear To his Difciples ; men who in his life Still follow'd him : to them (hall leave in charge To teach all nations whit of him they learn'd, 440 And his falvation ; them who (hall believe Baptizihg in the profluent fiream, the fign Of waffling them from guilt of fin, to life Pure, and in mind prepir'd (if fo befal) For death, like that which the Redeemer dy'd. 445 All nations they (ball teach: for from that day, Not only to the Ions of Abraham's loins SAvation (hail be preach'd ; but to the Eons Of Abraham's faith; where-ever thro' the world So in his feed all nations diall be blefl. 450 Then to the heav'n of heav'm (hall he alcend With viciory, triumphing through the air Over his foes and thine ; there (hall furprife The ferpent, prince of air, and drag in chains Thro' all his realm, and there confounded leave: 455 Then enter into glory, and refume Ills feat at God's right hand, exalted high Above all names in heav'n : and thence (hall come, When the world's diffolution (hall be ripe, With glory, and pow'r, to judge both quick and dead : To judge th' unfaithful dead, but to reward 461 His faithful, and receive them into blifs ; Whether

Boole XII. PARADISE LOST. 345 Whether in heav'n or earth : for then the earth Shall all be Paradife, far happier place Than this of Eden, and far happier days ! 46s: So fpake the Arch-Angel Michael, then paus'd, As at the world's great period : and our fire, Replete with joy and wonder, thus reply'd. 0 goodnefs infinite ! goodnefs immenfe That all this good of evil (hall produce, 470' And evil turn to good I more wonderful Than that which by creation firft brought forth Light out of darknefs ! Full of doubt I ftand, Whether I fhould repent me now of fin, By me done, and occafion'd ; or rejoyce 475 Much more, that much more good thereof fhal I fpring To God more glory, more good-will to Men From God, and over wrath grace than abound. But fay, if our Deliverer up to heav'n Mutt re-afcend, what will betide the few 480, His Faithful, left among th' unfaithful herd, The enemies of truth ? Who then (hall guide His people, who defend ? will they not deal Worfe with his followers, than with him they dealt Be fore they will, Paid th' Angel ; but from heav'ta He to His own a Comforter will fend, 486, The Promife of the Father : Who (hall dwell His Spirit within them ; and the law of faith Working thro' love, upon their hearts than write, To guide them in all truth ; and alto arm 490 With fpiritual armor, able to refill Satan's afraults, and quench his fiery darts: What man can do againft them, not afraid, Though to the death ; againft fuck cruelties 7 z With

346 PARADISE LOST. BooKXII. With inward confolations recompens'd ; 495 And oft fupported fo as than amaze Their proudeft Perfecutors : for the Spirit (Pour'd firft on His Apoffles, whom He fends T' Evangelize the Nations ; then, on all Baptiz'd,) fhall them with wond'rous gifts indue, 500 To fpeak all tongues, and do all miracles, As did their Lord before them. Thus they win Great numbers of each nation, to receive With joy the tidings brought from heav'n : at length Their Miniftry perform'd, and race well run, sos Their dothine, and their Flory written left, They die. But in their roan), as they forewarn, Wolves fhall fucceed for Teachers, grievous wolves ! Who all the facred mytieries of heav'n, To their own vile advantages (hall turn, ste Of lucre, and ambition ; and the truth With fuperftitions, and traditions taint, Left only in thole written records pure ; Though not but by the Spirit underflood. Then (hall they feck t' avail themfelves of names, $I Places, and titles ; and with thee to join Secular pow'r, though feigning flill to ad By fpiritual : to themfelves appropriating The Spirit of God, promis'd alike and giv'n To all Believers : and from that pretenfe 520 Spiritual laws by carnal pow'r (hail force On every confcience ; laws which none (hall find Left them inroli'd ; or what the Spirit within Shall on the heart ingrave. What will they then But force the Spirit of Grace it felf, and bind 525 His confort liberty ? what, but unbuild His living temples, built by faith to ttand, Their own faith, not another's ? (for on earth, Who againft faith, and confclence, can he heard Infallible ?

Boole XII. PARADISE LOST. 347 Infallible ?) Yet many will prefume : 530 Whence heavy perfecution fhall arife On all, who in the worfhip perfevere Of fpirit, and truth : the reit (far greater part) Will deem in outward rites, and Ipt.cious forms, Religion fatisfy'd; truth (hail retire 535 Beduck with flendrous darts; and works of faith Rarely be found. So (hail the world go on, To good maiignant, to bad; men benign ; Under her own weight, groaning ; tiil the day Appear of rcfpiration to the jull, 540 And vengeance to the wicked : at return Of Him fo lately promis'd to thy aid, The Woman's Seed ; oblcurely then foretold ; New amplier known thy Saviour, and thy Lord; Lail, in the clouds, from heav'n to be reveal'd 545 In glory of the Father, to diffolve Satan, with perverted world ; then raife From the conflagrant mals, purg'd and refiti'd, New heav'ns, new earth, ages of endiefs date, Founded in righteeufnefs, and peace, and love; 550 To bring forth Iruitsjoy, and eternal blifs. He ended ; and thus Adam hit reply'd. How loon hath thy predielion, Seer bleft ! Meaur'd this tranfient world the race of time, Till time flind fix'd ? Beyond is all Abyfs, Eternity, whole end no eye can reach Greatly inftruaed final! hence depart ; Greatly in peace of thought ; and have my fill Of knewledge, what this veffel can contain : Beyond which was my folly to afpire ! 560 Henceforth I learn, that to obey is beft, And love with fear the only God; to walk As in His prefence ; ever to obferve 555 His

348 PARADISE LOST. &fox XII,. His Providence ; and on Him fole depend. Merciful over all His works ! with good 565 Still overcoming evil ; and by fmall Accomplifhing great things ; by things deem'd weak Euhverting worldly firong ; and worldly wife, fimply meek ; that fuffering for truth's fake, Is fortitude to higheft viaorir ; 570 And, to the Faithful, Death the gate of Life ; Vaught this by His example, Whom I now Acknowledge my Redeemer, ever blefl ! To whom-thus alfo th' Angel Taft reply'd : This having learn'd, thou haft attain'd the fum 575 Of wifdom ; hope no higher ; though all the liars Thou knew'll by name ; and all th' ethereal pow'rs ; All fecrets of the Deep ; all nature's works ; Or works of God in heav'n, air, earth, or lea ; And all the riches of this world enjoy'dft ; 580 And all the rule, one empire : only add Decds to thy knowledge anfwerable ; add Faith ; Add Virtue, Patience, Temperance, add Love, (By name to come call'd Charity, the foul Of all the refl) then wilt thou not be loth 585 To leave this Paradife, but (halt poffefs Paradife within thee, happier far !- Let us defcend now therefore from this top Of (peculation ; for the hour precife Exaas our parting hence : and fee ! the Guards, 590 Py me incamp'd on yonder hill, expert Their motion ; at whole Front a flaming fword, In fignal of remove, waves fiercely round. e may no longer flay : go ! waken Eve ; per alto 1 with gentle dreams have calm'd, 595 Fortpriding good ; and all her fpirits compoed meek fubmfflion ; thou at feafon fit

BOOK XII. PARADISE LOST. 349 Let her with thee partake what thou hall heard; Chiefly, what may concern her faith to know, The Great Deliverance by her teed to come 600 (For by the woman's feed) on all mankind. That ye may live (which wiil be many days) Both in one faith unanimous, though fad, (With mule l) for evils pall; yet much more cheer'd With meditation on the happy end. 605 He ended, and they both defcend the hill : Delcended, Adam to the bow'r where Eve Lay fleeping ran before; but found her wak'd ; And thus with words not fad the him receiv'd. Whence thou return'fl, and whither went'ff, I know; For God is alto in fIcep, and dreams advife ; 611 Which he bath fent propitious, fome great good Prefaging, fince with forrow and heart's dithefs Wearied I fell afleep: but now, lead on ! In me is no delay ; with thee to go, 615 Is to flay here ; without thee here to flay, is to go hence unwillingly: thou to me Art all things under heav'n, all places thou ; Who for my wilful crime art banith'cl hence. This further confolation yet fecure 62o I carry hence ; though all by me is loll, Such favour I unworthy am vouchfaf'd, By me the Promis'd Seed (hail all reflore. So fpake our Mother Eve ; and Adam heard Well pleas'd, but anfwer'd not : for now too nigh 625 Th' Arch-Angel flood ; and from the other hill To their fix'd ftation, all in bright array The Cherubim defcended ; on the ground Gliding meteorous, as ev'ning miff, Ris'n

sso PARADISE LOST. Boors XII4 Ris'n from a river, o'er the marifb glides ; 630 And gathers ground fart at the lab'rer's heel, II,Ineward returning. High in Front advanc'd, The brandlh'd fword of God before them blaz'd; Fierce as a Comet ; which with torrid heat, And vapors as the Libyan air adufl, 635 Began to parch that temperate clime : whereat In either hand the hafrning Angel caught Our lingring Parents and to th' eaftern gate Led them direct ; and down the cliff as fat", To the fubjeded plain ; then difappear'd. 640 They looking back, all th' eaftern fide beheld Of Paradife, fo late their happy feat Way'd over by that flaming brand; the gate With dreadful faces throng'd, and fiery arms. Some natural tears they drop'd, but wip'd them loon The world was all before them, where to chufe 646 Their place of reit, and Providence their guide. They, hand in hand, with wandriag fleps and flow, Through Eden took their folitary way. THE END OF THE TWELFTH AND LAST BOOK.

N Xe A Book Line AAron and Moles, their million to Egypt xii. 170 Abdiel (a Seraph) oppofes Satan promoting the Angels 1 revolt, &c. v. 803 Reply to his al:fwer v. 877 His fidelity, &c. celebrated v. _9_ Pt 6 Retreat from Satan's party vi. i Soliloquy on view of him at their head vi. 114 Speech to him thereon vi. 130 Reply to his anfwer vi. 171 Encounters him in the battel vi. 189 Vanquifhes Ariel, Arioc and Ramiel (fall'n Angels) vi. 369 Abel and Cain, their dory related xi. 429 Abraham's and the patriarchs xii. 153 All nations his Eons by faith xii. 446 Acheron, a river of hell ii. 570 Adam and Eve defcribed generally iv. 288 particularly iv. 295 I iv. 312 lir. 492 Their slate of innocence iv. 738 1 V. 211 V. 303 t.viii. 510 Vide Innocence. Night orifon iv. 720 Morning orifon v. 153 Preparations to entertain the Angel Raphael V. 313 The Table and entertainment defcrib'd V. 391 Their nuptial bed iv. 708 Nuptials celebrated viii. 510 Parting preceding the temptation ix. 385 Behaviour after their fall ix. 1004 Find thernfelves naked ix. 105i Make themlives breeches of fig-leaves ix. 1099 Recriminate on, and reproach each other ix. 1187 Hide themfelves from God (the Son) x. 97 Appearance before him x. 109 Repentance x. 1098 Expulfion from Paradife xii. 625 Vide Similes. Adans,

INDE X: Rock Line Ad:,m, his difcourfe with Eve on the prohibition of the Tree} it . 411 of Knowledge To her at night iv. 610 Anfwer to her queftion about thenightly luminariel iv. 66o Viewing her fleeping v. 8 Anfwer to her relating her dream (the fubje&of Satan's V. 94 &II illufive temptation) To her weeping v. 129 361 Difcourfe with him V. 460 . Invites the Angel Raphael to his bower, &c. V. Continued on various fubjea viii 651 Vide Raphael. His creation and dominion, &c. over the creatures ix. Prohibited the Tree of Knowledge I viii. 52 54 4 332 Account of himfelf and obje&s about him, &c. on his l creation viii. 253 Of his &ft view of the Divine Prefence, inftation'd in / viii. 5 31! Paradife, &c. . Speech to God thereon, and on his folitude there viii. 357 Reply to God's anfwer viii. 379 Sleep on the formation of Eve deftrib'cl viii. 45 1 His firft view of her viii. 481 Paffi viii. on for her 52 il Valeditlion to Raphael viii 644 Difcourfewith Eve preceding the temptation (on Satan's from zos fubtilty, and the means to refill it, &c.) ix. to 384 Care, and fears for her in abfence ix. 838 Meets her returning with the forbidden fruit ix. 847 Soliloquy lamenting her tranfgreffion ix. 896 Refolves to die with her ix. 907 Speech to her thereon ix. 921 Eats the forbidden fruit ix. 996 Incites her to carnal fruition (the firft effeEt of it) tot 1 1016 The place, &c. defcribed ix. 1037 .After-lpeech to her on their fall and nakednefs ix. 1067 Another, charging her as the aggreffor ix. 113z Reply to her anfwer (recriminates her affeded Pelf fuffici- ix. 1162 ency, &c.) Anfwer to God (the Son) calling him to judgment x. 115 Reply to him (accufes Eve) x. 124 The fentence pronounced on him x. 197 Soliloquy thereon x. 720 continued x. 854 Wilkes

IND E Book Lind Adam Willies for his diffolution x. 746 771 RefleEtions on the immortality of the foul, &c. xa 782 Repulfory fpeech to Eve attempting to confolate him x. 866 Relents towards her x 937 Reply to her (accufing herfelf as the firft in tranfgreffion) x. 947 Anfwer (to her reply advifing to die by their own hands) x. tot3 Refolves the contrary, (fubmiffion to God's will, and re- I x. 1,628 pentance) Speech to Eve (on the efficacy of prayer, &c.) Hails her the mother of mankind Speech to her on the Omens preceding their expulfiom from Paradife On the view of Michael approaching Behaviour on receiving the meffage Speech to Michael thereon Refignation Difcourfe with Michael, difcovering to him in Vifion what ihould happen in the world till the flood Difcourfe with him, relating what fhould happen to the general refurre6tion X. 140 Xi. 158 XI. 193 Xi. 226 Xi. 263 xi. 295 xi. 390 /from 450 xi. to 867 from 61 1xii. to 551 General reply to him, (refolutions of future obedience, dependence on God's providence, &c.) ) xii. 552 Vide Eve. Vide Michael. Vide Raphael. Vide Similes. Adonis, a river in Syria Adramalec and Afrnadai, faIl'n Angels, wounded, and put to flight Air firft clouded on Adam's fall Allufions, Vide Similes. Amarant, a flower tranfplanted from Paradife to Heaven Ambition cenfured A caufe of Satan's fall Angels (cceleflial) obey God of choice, not neceffity Imbattl'd againft 'Satan, and the fall'n Angels `Their fignal, and march Signal to engage, and engagement Prevail Difpofition to re-engage Retreat Rally again, and renew the fight A a 2 1. 450 vi. 365 xi. ][82 iii. 352 ii. 482 8861 V. 535 vi. 15 v. 56 vi. 202 vi. 384, vi. 524 vi. 597 vi. 634 Angels

INDEX. Book Line vii. , Fo Angels their Fong on the creation vii. 252 vii. 5 vii. 60527 On its diffolution and rennovation x. 641 S ivy. 777828 Guardians of Paradife, their parade, watches, &c. ..., iv. 861 1 iv. 977 L v. 287 Re-afcent to Heaven on Adam's fall x. 17 Appointed to expel Adam, &c. from Paradife xi. 127 Defcent there vii. 208 Poft affign'd viii. 220 March poffeffing it, and expelling him, &c. xii. 6z6 Vide God the Father 1 and Son Vide Similes, Guardians of mankind ix. Isz Angels, fallen, their after-Hate i. 39 i. so 3 Numbers i. 331 v. 743 Names i. 374 Various purfuits, &c. ii. 528 Lofs fupply'd by man's creation iii. 677 Imbatteled againft the Angel's cceleflial vi. 79 Engagement vi. 202 Defeat vi. 386 Difpofition to re-engage vi. 507 Their artillery-cannon, &c. vi. 572 Prevail vi. from 859371 Entire defeat and expulfion from Heaven vi. to 877 Transformed to Serpents x. 519 Farther punifhed with an illufion of the forbidden Fruit x. 547 Both annually continued x. 575 Vide Satan. Vide Similes. Apoftles, their miflion, &c. Gift of the Holy Ghoft Succeffors (wolves, falfe teachers, &c. defcrib'd) Argument of the poem Ariel, Arioc and Ramiel (fall'n Angels) vanquifh'd Ark, its building by Noah, defcrib'd xii. 439 xii. 497 xii. 508 S i. I 1 ix. I vi. 369 xi. 728 Vide Noah. Ark

INDEX. Ark of the covenant defcrib'd Afhtaroth and Baalim (fall'n Angels) Afioreth, or Matte (a fall'n Angel) Author's hymn on conjugal love To light Invocations RefleEtion, in profpea of Adam's &c. fall On Satan's premeditated attempt On Eve's parting with Adam preceding it On their nakednefs after the fall On his own blindnefs, &c. Azazel (a fall'n Angel) Satan's flandard-bearer Book Line xii. 249 1. 422 i. 43$ Iv. 750 111. I i. 6 iii. 61 vii. Xi. 20 ii.. 380 iv. iX. 404 ix. 1114 iii. 2 534 B Baalim and Afhtaroth (fall'n Angels) i. 42'2 Babel, the city and tower, built by Nimrod &c. xii. 38 The confufion of languages there defcrib'd xii. 48 Baptifm, what the fign of xii. 442 Baptiz'd, the Holy Ghoft given primitively to all fuch xii. 497 Battle, &c. between the celeflial and fall'n Angels, (God i r from 202 the Son concluding it) defcrib'd 1 L. to 877 Vide Angels Celestial, and Fall'n. Beans, part of the fixth day's creation defcrib'd till. 453 Beelzebub, (a fall'n Angel) i. 79 Defcri b'd ii. 299 His anfwer to Satan's firfi fpeech after their fall i 128 To his fecond i. 272 Speech in council, call'd by Satan thereon ii. 3 to Promotes an attempt on the world ii. 34S Belial (a fall'n Angel) i. 290 Defcrib'd ii. 108 His fpeech in council ii. 519 To Satan on their advantagegain'd in the re-ingagement } vi. 620 with the celeflial Angels Birds, part of the fifth day's creation defcrib'd vii. 417 Blafts, an affed of Adam's fall x. 69z Bridge from hell-gates to the world over Chaos, the work, &c. 1 defcrib'd x. 293 C Cain and Abel, their Ivy related Cham's ftory xi. 429 xii. 807 Chance,

IND E X, Chance, the common notion of it exploded Chaos defcrib'd Its court Anfwer to Satan's fpeech there Bounds fince the Angel's fall, the creation, ,&e. State before it A bridge made over it from Hell-gates to the world, at Adam's fall Vide Similes. Charity, its praifes, &c. Chemos, or Peor (a fall'n Angel) Cherubim Vide Angels Church, hirelings in it, compar'd to the Cocytus, a river of Hell Comparifons Conjugal love, the praifes &c. of it Diftinguiffi'd from an amour Confifts in reafon, not paffion Defin'd Expreft (on the woman's part) in In %Outs A reciprocal duty of it Conjugial obedience, woman's happinefs, Celeftial, &c. Vide Similes. Devil in Paradife Book Line ii. 9°9 ii. 890 j. vii. 210 11. v. I Vide Similes. praltice Sec. Conjugal union, the reafons and obligations of it Confcience, God's umpire in man The terrors of it Laws to force it, cenfur'd No infallibility againft it Conftellations, their appearances, motion, Creation, the univerfal, defcrib'd Creatures animal in paradife, defcrib'd Have degrees of knowledge, and reafon Their difcord an circa of Adaires fall Entry of Noah's ark &c, 959 989 998 577 x. 282 from 576 xii. to 587 i. 406 312 iV. 192 iL 579 iv. 750 iv. 765 viii. 586 viii. 55869 xii. 615 ix. 357 iv. 635 viii. 494 955 ix. 961 iii. 194 iv. 23 x. 842 xii. 515 xii. 529 iii. 577 S 111. 7°8 vii. 221 340 viii. 369 x. 707 xi. 733 D Dagon (a fall'n Angel) Damn'd, the viciffitudes of their torments defeated I. 457 ii. 596 David,

INDE X. Book Line David, his throne why eternal xii. 320 Day and night in Heaven, defcrib'd vi. 4 Death and Sin, their Ration at tielhgates before Adam's fall ii. 648 Their union Z. 249 Make a bridge from thence over Chaos to the world, after it x. 232 Meet Satan in his return to Hell from thence x. 326 Their Journey thither, and influences defcrib'd x. 41c) Arrival at Paradife x. 585 After-condua in the world x. 6Io Vide Similes. Death defcrib'd ii. 666 Anfwer to Satan at Hell-gates ii. 688 The fon of Satan and Sin ii. 727 Its birth ii. 777 Anfwer to Sin on Adam's fall x. 264 To Sin's fpeech in Paradife x. 596 Vide Similes. ( from 466 Death natural, the caufes, and variety of it, defcrib'd xi. 493 More terrible in view than reality xi. to 469 Of the faithful, a fleep to immortality xfrioi.m 425 to 4. The gate of life xii. 5 Death eternal confidered x. 8o8 Deluge univerfal Vide Noah. Defpair, the degrees and colors of it iv. ic)8 Devils, why eternally excluded from grace iii. 129 Difcord cenfured ii. 4V6 Daughter of Sin, &c. x. 707 Dominion abfolute in man, over men an ufurpation xii. 64 Dreams illufive, &c. their fource iv. 799 Natural xivi.. 6'17 Divine Eagle, a bird of prey, an cad. of Adam's fall xi. 185 Earth and Heaven. Vide Heav'n and Earth. r Earth, its general creation defcrib'd iii. 715 vii. 23 t The lhadow of Heaven v. 574. Separated from the waters, part of the third day's creation, / defcrib'd vii. 276 B b b Earth,

INDEX. Earth, the fruits of it, &c. Its motion, or of the Heavens, fpeculations thereon cen fur'd Its praifes The center of the creation Pearl'&ion by Noah's flood defcrib'd Reflitution after it An univerfal Paradife at the Meiliah's coming to judgment Vide World. Book Line vii. 3t3 viii. 70 Eden, the country bounded Iv Eden, the garden of it Vide Paradife. Egypt, the plagues of it defcrib'd xii. Eleaion afferted iii. Elements, &c. fubfia on each other xi. Enoch, his ftory and tranflation } xi. Vide Adam and Eve. Eve and Adam Vide Innocence. Vide Similes. 99 107 743 85z 463 210 173 183 415 664. Ica Eve particularly defcrib'd, charaateriz'd, 4;c4 Anfwer to Adam's difcourfe on the prohibition of the tree iv. of knowledge Recounts her fit ft view of the creation, Adam, &c. Anfwer to him at night To him waking her (relates her dream, the fubjeEt of Satan's firft illufive temptation) Weeping defcrib'd Attending the entertainment of Raphael Her formation from Adam Behaviour on view of him, &c. Pifcourfe with him preceding the temptation (the pre- vailing on her own fufhciency, and his fonduefs) 7 1 2 379 470 482 546 596 386 431 457 489 538 603 896 440 iv. 449 iv. 635 V. 27 v. 129 v. 443 viii. 460 viii. 500 from 205 ix. to 384 Eve's

INDE X. Book Line Eve's anfwer to Satan (in the ferpent) ix. 552 The difcourfe. (Satan tempting her to eat the forbidden ix. 732 fruit) continued Soliloquy before her eating it ix 745 Plucks and eats ix. 78o Soliloquy after it ix. 795 Refolution to tempt Adam ix. 839 Speech to him thereon ix. 856 Reply to his anfwer refolving to die with her ix. 96o Behaviour thereon ix. 990 Gives him the fruit rx. 995 Repeats the tranfgreflion with him ix. loos Is incited by him to carnal fruition (the firft effe& of it) { ix. 1 1014 The place, &c. defcrib'd ix. 3037 Anfwer to him (accufing her as the aggreffor) imputes it } to his indulgence ix. 1142 Anfwer to God (the Son) calling her to judgment (accufes 1 x. 159 the ferpent) The lenience pronounc'd on her x. 192 Behaviour and fpeech to Adam's repulfe of her, and her offers of confolation (accufes herfelf) x. 909 After- behaviour thereon x. 937 Reply to his anfwer (advifes to die by their own hands) x. 96b To him, hailing her the mother of mankind xi. 162 Soliloquy, lamenting the threatned expulfion from Paradife xi. 268 Speech to him on quitting it (affection, conjugal refolution, . mi. 610 and confolation on the prornife of the i'vlefiMh) Vide Adam. Vide Similes. Evening defcrib'd Evil-in thought unapprov'd-blamelefs Experience-a guide to wifdom F iv. 598 v. 117 ix. 807 Faith, unneceffary endeavours to approve it, fufpicious ix. 1139 Faith in Chrift, with works, eternal life xii, 42o Laws to force it cenfur'd xii. 5 1 5 No infallibility againil it xii. 529 . Fancy (a faculty of the foul) its office v. loo viii The eye of the foul 460 Fame (or glory) the common notion of it cenfuld xi. 688 Fate, the will of God vii. 17o Fig-tree, of which Adam, Eve, &c. made Aprons, defcrib'd ix. riot Firmament,

I N D E X . B o Firmament, the fecond day's creation, defcrib'd vii. 26 t Fifh, part of the fifth day's creation, defcrib'd Line 391 Flaming fword in Paradife on Adam's, &c. expulfion thence, 1 .. defcrib'd 632 Vide Similes. Flood univerfal Vide Noah. Freedom, with that-lots of it virtue, &c. degenerate ix. 797 Free grace afferted t Defin'd 17 iii. 2727 in. 95 V. 235 v: 520 Free-will afferted via. 635 ix. 350 x. 43 1 iii. tog Reafon, the fame j ix. 35o The image of God viii. 440 Fruition carnal, the paffion of it cenfur'd viii. 579 G Gabriel (the Arch-Angel) chief of the guardian Angels of i iv. Paradife, his Elation, &c. defcrib'd 443 Inform'd by Uriel of Satan's defcent there iv. 561 Undertakes to deted him' iv. 576 His charge to Uzziel, Ithuriel, and Zephon (three other I iv. 782 of the guardian Angels) thereon Speech to them, &c. on their taking, and return with him iv. 866 To Satan thereon iv. 477 Reply to his anfwer iv. iv. 902 To another 946 To another iv. 1 oo6 Appointed one of the chiefs of the celeftial army againft } vi. 45 the revolted Angels His prowefs, &c. in the battel vi. 354 Glorylor fame) the common notion of it centur'd xi. 68g GOD the F A T H E R contemplating his works, &c. iii. 56 Speech to God the Son, on Satan's defign on the creation, iii. 80 man, &c. Reply to his anfwer iii. 126083 Propofes the manner, &c. of fall'n man's redemption Anfwer to the Son undertaking it iii. 274 iii. Decrees his bodily refurreEtion as God and man 303 His the Father's attributes, &c. iii. 372 God

INDE Book Lind God the Father vifibly Peen in the Son iii. 383 vi. 68o Charge to Raphael to warn Adam againft his fall v. 224 Speech to the whole celeftial hierarchy, conven'd at the } v. 600 inaugaration of God the Son To the Son on Satan's, &c. revolt thereon v. 719 Army againft the revolters defcrib'd vi.. 15 Speech to Abdiel on his quitting their party vi. 29 Appoints Michael and Gabriel chiefs of the celeftial army vi. 44 from 202 Battel, &c. between them and the revolters defcrib'd vi. to 6o7 Appoints God the Son to end it vi. 68ci Chariot (the Father's) defcrib'd vi. 749 Speech to the Son, refolving the creation of the world vii. 139 Commits the work to him vii. 163 His (the Father's) omniprefence vii. 16g 588 Goodnefs, free vii. 170 Will, fate vii. 173 Inflitution of the Sabbath (by God the Father and Son) vii. 581 the feventh after the fix days of the creation The folemnity of it defcrib'd vii. 594 Speech (the Father's) on the guardian Angels return from I X. 34 Paradife upon Adam's, &c. fall Appoints the Son judge of it xi 55 Speech to the celeftials on Sin and Death's entrance into 1 the world thereby Promife of their diffoluticin, and renovation of heaven and earth } x. 633 Charge to the Angels, touching the changes in the cre.. 1 ation on the fall x. 649 Anfwer to the Son's interceflion on Adam's repentance xi. 45 Speech to the celeflials, conven'd at his decreeing his ex-} pulfion from Paradife 84 To Michael thereon i71°. 6952° G0 D the S 0N, at the right hand of the Father His (the Father's) effence, &c. iii; 138 iii. { His word, &c. 169 vii. 163 Anfwer to him on Satan's defign on the creation, man, &c. iii. 144 On his propofing the manner, &c. of man's redempl iii, 227 Undertakes it iii. 236 Love to man, and filial obedience iii. 266 C c 6 God

INDE X. pod the Son, the fecond Adam His merits alone imputative to man His refurre&ion as God and man, decreed Equal to the Father His (the Son's) attributes Anfwer to the Father on Satan's, &c. revolt The image of the Father The Melliah Anfwer to the Father, appointing him to end the battel be- tween the celeftial and revolted Angels Undertakes it His armour, equipage, &c. defcrib'd Speech to the celeitial army Solely attacks the Revolters Intirely defeats them The aaiot3 and defeat defcrib'd Returas in triumph His perfon, equipage, &c, in the work of the creation defcrib'd Re-afcent to Heaven after it Inflitution of the fabhath (by God the Fath r and Son the feventh after the fix days creation The folemnity of it defcrib'd Anfwer (the Son's) to Adam, on his folitude in Faradife To his reply To another (promifes him a confort) Appointed by the Father judge of Adam's tranfgreflion (fall) All judgment committed to him The mercy of it Anfwer to the Father thereon Defcent to Eden Call to Adam there Reply to his anfwer (accufing Eve) To his Reply To 'Eve (accufing the ferpent) Sentencepronounc'd by him on the ferpen, vnlained Book Line LI:228 5 1 xii. 406 303 305 383 vi. 733 383 vi. 68o vi. 736 vi. 718 vi. 881 vi. 7z3 vi. 73o vi. 78600o vi. 824. from 8 63381 vi. to 877 vi. 878 vii. 55o 581 192 vii. 594 viii. 369 viii. 398 tviii.. 437 x. 55 x. 56 x 58 x. 68 x. 83 x. 103 x. 119 X. 144 x. 157 163 x. 175 x. 18z Anfwer