Milton - PR3550 D77 1777 M2

THE LIFE or MILTON. 417 cil and in Parliament. It is Paid, that Secretary Morrice and Sir Thomas Clargis greatly favored him, and exerted their interelt its his behalf; and his old friend Andrew Marvel, member of parliaa anent for Hu'l, formed a confiderable party for him in the Houle of Commons ; and neither was Charles the Second (as Toland lays) fuch an enemy to the Mules; as to require his deftrudion. But the principal inftrument in obtaining Milton's pardon was Sir William Davenant; out of gratitude for Milton's having procured his releafe ' when he was taken prifoner in 165o. It was life for life. Davenant had been laved by Milton's Intereft, and in return Milton was faved. at Davenant's Interceflion. This ftory Mr. Richardfon relates upon the authority of Mr. Pope ; and Mr. Pope had it from Bettertori the famous actor, who was first brought upon the ftage and patronized by Sir WilliamDavenant, and might therefore derive the knowledge of this tranfadion from the fountain. Milton having thus obtained his pardon, and being fet at liberty; again, took a houfe in Holborn near Red Lion Fields ; but he re- moved loon into Jewen Street near Alderfgate Street : and while he lived there, being in his 53d or 54th year, and blind and infirm, and wanting fome body better than fervants to tend and look after him, he employed his friend Dr. Paget to choofe a proper confort for him ; and at his recommendation married his third wife, Elizabeth Minfhul, of a gentleman's family in Chefbire, and related to Dr. Paget. It is laid that an offer was made to Milton, as well as to Thurloe, of holding the fame place of Secretary under the kingi which he had difcharged with fo much integrity and ability under Cromwell ; but he perfified in refuting it, tho' the wife prefied his compliance " Thou art in the right; lays he ; you, as other warm% " would ride in your Coach g for me, my aim is to live and die an " honeft man." What is more certain is, that in 1661 he publifrted his Accedence commenced Grammar, and a tra& of Sir Walter Raleigh infitled Aphorifms of State ; as in 1658 he had publifhed another piece of Sir Waiter Raleigh intitled the Cabinet Council difcabinated, which he printed from a manufcript, that had lain many years in his hands, and was given him for a true copy by a learned Man at his death, who had colle&ed feveral fuch pieces o an evide0 R r r