Milton - PR3550 D77 1777 M2

436 IL PENSEROSO; And fancies fond with gaudy Ihapes poffefs, As thick and numberlefs As the gay motes that people the fun-beams, Or likeft hovering dreams The fickle penfioners of Morpheus train. io But hail thou Goddefs, fage and holy, Hail divineft Melancholy, Whole faintly vifage is too bright To hit the fenfe of human fight, And therefore to our weaker view O'erlaid with black, (laid wifdom's hue ; Black, but fuch as in efteem Prince Memnon's fitter might befeem, Or that itarr'd Ethiop queen that (trove To fet her beauties praife above 2© The Sea-Nymphs, and their pow'rs offended : Yet thou art higher far defcended, Thee bright-hair'd Vella long of yore To folitary Saturn bore ; His daughter fhe (in Saturn's reign, 25 Such mixture was not held a (lain.) Oft in glimmering bow'rs and glades He met her, and in fecret (hacks Of woody ida's inmoft grove, While yet there was no fear of Jove. 30 Come penfive Nun, devout and pure, Sober, ftedfaft, and demure, All in a robe of, darkeft grain, Flowing with majeflic train, And fable (tole of Cyprus lawn, 35 Over thy defcent (boulders drawn. Come, but keep thy wonted Rate, With even flep, and mufing gate, And looks commercing with the fides, Thy rapt foul fitting in thine eyes : Therg