Milton - PR3550 D77 1777 M2

5 Ii rENsER.osOc: Swinging flowwith fullen roar ; Or if the air will not permit, Some fill removed place will fit, Where glowing embers through the room Teach light to counterfeit a gloom, Ear from all refort of mirth, Save the cricket on the hearth, Or the bellman's droufy charm, To blefs the doors from nightly harm ; Or let my lamp at midnight hour, Be leen in Come high lonely tow'r, Where I may oft out-watch the Bear, With thrice great Hermes, or unfphere The spirit of Plato to unfold What worlds, or what raft regions hold The immortal mind that bath forfook Her manfion in this flefhly nook And of thole Demons tht are found In fire, air, flood, or under ground, Whole power bath a true content With planet, or with element. Sometime let gorgeous tragedy In icepter'd pall come fweeping by, 13refenting Thebes, or Pelops line, Or the tale of Troy divine, Or what (though rare) of later age fln0131ed bath the bufkin'd flage. J3ut, 0 fad Virgin, that thy power Might mile Muiwus from his bower, Or bid the soul of Orpheus flog Such notes as warbled to the firing. grew iron tears down Pluto's cheek, And made Hell grant what love did feek. Or call up him that left half told PIP (tory of cambufcan bold, 80 QS 10e 1,05 10