Milton - PR3550 D77 1777 M2

332 PARADISE LOST. Boole XII. Frefh in their minds, fearing the Deity, is With tome regard to what is jufl and right Shall lead their lives, and multiply apace ; Lab'ring the foil, and reaping plenteous crop, Corn, wine, and oil : and from the herd, or flock, Oft facrificing bullock, lamb, or kid, 20 With large wine-offerings pour'd, and facred feat}, Shall fpend their days in joy unblatn'd ; and dwell Long time in peace, by families, and tribes, Under paternal rule : till one, (lull rife Of proud ambitious heart ; who (not content 25 With fair equality, fraternal ttate ;) Will arrogate dominion undeferv'd, Over his brethren, and quite difpoilefs Concord,_ and law of nature from the earth Hunting (and men, not beaus, (ball be his game) 30 With `war, and hoffile fnare, fuch as refute Subjeaion to his empire tyrannous. Amighty hunter thence he (hall be flyl'd Before the Lord ; as in defpite of heav'n, Or from heav'n, claiming fecond fov'reignty 35 And from rebellion than derive his name, Though of rebellion others he accufe. He with a crew, (whom like ambition joins With him, or under him to tyrannize) Marching from Eden tow'rds the well, thall find 40 The plain, wherein a black bituminous gurge Boils out from under ground, the mouth of hell. Of brick, and of that fluff, they call to build A city, and tow'r, whole top may reach to heav'n; And get tnemfelves a name : left, far difperft 45 foreign lands, their memory be loft ; lil.prdlefs whether good or evil fame. Put God (Who oft deicends to vifit men 7pLep? and through their habitations walks To