Milton - PR3550 D77 1777 M2

478 PARADISE' REGAIN'D Born( L His witnefs unconfirm'd : on him baptiz'd Heav'n open'd, and in likenefs of a dove The Spi'rit defcended, while the Father's voice From Heav'n pronounc'd him his beloved Son. That heard the Adverfary, who roving 11111 About the world, at that affembly fam'd Would not be laft, and with the voice divine 35 Nigh thunder-ftruck, th' exalted man, to whom Such high atteft was giv'n, a while furvey'd With wonder, then with envy fraught and rage Flies to his place, nor refts, but in mid air To council fummons all his mighty peers, 40 Wihin thick clouds and dark ten-fold involv'd, A gloomy confiflory ; and them amidft With looks aghaft and fad he thus befpake. 0 ancient Powers of air and this wide world, For much more willingly I mention air, 45 This our old conqueft, than remember Hell, Out hated habitation ; well ye know Howmany ages, as the years of men, This univerfe we have poffefs'd, and rul'd In manner at our will th' affairs of earth, So Since Adam and his facil confort Eve Loft Paradife deceiv'd by me, though fince With (head attending when that fatal wound Shall be infiided by the feed of Eve Upon my head : long the decrees of Heav'n 55 Delay, for longeft time to him is (hart; And now too loon for us the circling hours This dreaded time have connpafs'd, wherein we Muft bide the ftroke of that long threaten'd wound, At leaft if fo we can, and by the head 6o Broken be not intended all our power. To be infring'd, our freedom and our being, In this fair empire won of earth and air ; For