Milton - PR3550 D77 1777 M2

r-4.98 PARADISE REGAIN'D BOOK His Father's butinefs ; what he meant I mus'd, Since underhand ; much more his abfence now i o0 Thus long to tome great purpofe he obfcures. But I to wait with patience am inur'd ; My heart hath been a flore-houfe long of things And fay'ings laid up, portending ftrange events. Thus Mary pond'ring oft, and oft to mind joy 'Recalling what remarkably had pafs'd Since fira her falutation heard, with thoughts Mealy compos'd awaited the fulfilling : The while her fon tracing the defert wild, Sole but with holieft meditations fed, no Into himfelf defcended, and at once All his great work to come before him let ; Hew to begin, how to accomplifh bell His end of being on earth, and million high : For Satan with fly preface to return I Is Had left him vacant, and with fpeed was gone Up to the middle region of thick air Where all his potentates in council fat ; There without fign of boaft, or fign ofjoy, Solicitous and blank he thus began 120 Princes, H av'n's ancient Sons, ethereal Thrones, Il.moni.n Spirits now from th' element Each of his reign allotted, rightlier call'd Emirs of fire, air,. water, and earth beneath, So may we hold our place, and thefe mild feats 125 Without new trouble ; fuch an enemy Is rifen to invade us, who no' efs Threatens than our expulfion down to Hell ; I, as 1 undertook, and with the vote Contenting in full frequence was impower'd, 1.30 Have found him, view'd him, tailed him, but find Far other labor to be undergone Than when I dealt with Adam firs of men, Though