Milton - PR3550 D77 1777 M2

5o4. PARADISE REGAIN'D. BooK Out-caft Nebaioth, yet found here relief By a providing angel ; all the race 310 Of Ifrael here had famifh'd, had not God Rain'd from I-Ieav'n Manna ; and that Prophet bold Native of Thebez wand'ring here was fed Twice by a voice inviting him to eat Of thee thefe forty days none hath regard, 315 Forty and more deferred here indeed. To whom thus Jefus. What conclud'Il thou hence ? They all had need, I as thou feet have none. How haft thou hunger then ? Satan reply'd. Tell me if food were now before thee let, 320 Would'ft thou not eat ? Thereafter as I like The giver, anfwer'd Jefus. Why fhould that Caufe thy refufal? faid the fubtle Fiend. Haft thou not right to all created things ? Owe not all creatures by jull right to thee 325 Duty and fervice, not to flay till bid, But tender all their pow'r ? nor mention I Meats by the Law unclean, or offer'd fi, ft To idols, thole young Daniel could refute ; Nor proffer'd by an enemy, though who 334) Would fcruple that, with want opprefs'd ? Behold Nature afham'd, or better to exprefs, Troubled that thou fhould'fl hunger, bath purvey'd From all the elements her choiceft fore To treat thee as befeems, and as her Lord 335 With honor, only deign to fit and eat, He fpake no dream, for as his words had end, Our Saviour lifting up his eyes beheld In ample fpacc under the broadeft fhadc A table richly fpread, in regal mode, 340 With difhes pil'd, and meats of nobleft fort And favor, heath of chafe, or fowl of game, In paltry built, or from the fpit, or boti'd, Gris7