Milton - PR3550 D77 1777 M2

PARADISE REGAIN'a BOOK SO fpake the Son of God, and Satan flood A while as mute confounded what to fay, What to reply, confuted and convinc'd Of his weak arguing, and fallacious drift ; At length colleting all his ferpent wiles, With foothing words renew'd, him thus accofts. I fee thou know'lI what is of ufe to know, What belt to fay canfl fay, to do cant} do Thy miens to thy words accord, thy words To thy large heart give utterance due, thy heart ro Contains of good, wife, juft, the perfea fhape. Should kings and nations from thy mouth confalt, Thy counfel would be as the oracle Urim and Thummitn, thole oraculous gems On Aaron's breaft ; or tongue of leers old Infa Wale or wert thou iought to deeds That might require th' array of war, thy (kill Of condua would be fuch, that all the world Could not fullain thy prowefs, or fubfift In battel, though againft thy few in arms. 20 Thefe God-like virtues wherefore dolt thou hide, Affeaing private life, or more oblcure In favage wildernefs ? wherefore deprive All earth her wonder at thy acts, thyfeif The fame and glory, glory the reward as That foie excites to high attempts, the flame Of mull erected fpi'rits, molt temper'd pure Ethereal, who all pleafures elfe defpife, All