Milton - PR3550 D77 1777 M2

INDE X. pod the Son, the fecond Adam His merits alone imputative to man His refurre&ion as God and man, decreed Equal to the Father His (the Son's) attributes Anfwer to the Father on Satan's, &c. revolt The image of the Father The Melliah Anfwer to the Father, appointing him to end the battel be- tween the celeftial and revolted Angels Undertakes it His armour, equipage, &c. defcrib'd Speech to the celeitial army Solely attacks the Revolters Intirely defeats them The aaiot3 and defeat defcrib'd Returas in triumph His perfon, equipage, &c, in the work of the creation defcrib'd Re-afcent to Heaven after it Inflitution of the fabhath (by God the Fath r and Son the feventh after the fix days creation The folemnity of it defcrib'd Anfwer (the Son's) to Adam, on his folitude in Faradife To his reply To another (promifes him a confort) Appointed by the Father judge of Adam's tranfgreflion (fall) All judgment committed to him The mercy of it Anfwer to the Father thereon Defcent to Eden Call to Adam there Reply to his anfwer (accufing Eve) To his Reply To 'Eve (accufing the ferpent) Sentencepronounc'd by him on the ferpen, vnlained Book Line LI:228 5 1 xii. 406 303 305 383 vi. 733 383 vi. 68o vi. 736 vi. 718 vi. 881 vi. 7z3 vi. 73o vi. 78600o vi. 824. from 8 63381 vi. to 877 vi. 878 vii. 55o 581 192 vii. 594 viii. 369 viii. 398 tviii.. 437 x. 55 x. 56 x 58 x. 68 x. 83 x. 103 x. 119 X. 144 x. 157 163 x. 175 x. 18z Anfwer