Milton - PR3550 D77 1777 M2

I N D E X , Book Line Satan alights on mount Niphates iii. 739 Soliloquy, contemplating the fun iv. 33 , The firft hypocrite iv. 1 Arrives at Paradife iv. 131 Sits on the tree of life iv. 194. Soliloquy on view of Adam and Eve in Paradife iv. 358 Defcends from the tree of life, and affames feveral animal I i. 395 thapes Lifter's to Adam's difcourfe with Eve, on God's prohibi-} iv. 408 tion of the tree of knowledge Soliloquy on the fubjet-t of it iv. 505 Refolves thence to tempt them to difobedience iv. 512 Bid" attempt in the affumed nape of a toad, on Eve } iv. 799 alleep Anfwer to Ithuriel and Zephon, reprehending him thereon iv. 827 Reply to their anfwer iv. 851 Anfwer to Gabriel iv. 886 Reply to his anfwer iv. 925 To another iv. 968 The inauguration of God the Son, the occafion of his revolt i V. 657 Speech to the next fubordinate Angel of his party } thereon v. 673 The feat of his hierarchy before his fall, defcrib'd v. 756 Speech to the Angels his hierarchy thereon v. 772 Reply to Abdiel's an r, on his fpeech to the Hierarchs 1 of his party V. 853 His army defcrib'd V. 79 His port, and pot} there vi. 99 Anfwer to Abdiel's reply vi. 15o from toy Battel between his, and the celeftial artily, defcrib'd vi. to 385 His prowefs in battel vi. 2464 Encounters Michael Id. 253 Anfwer to Michael's fpeech thereon vi. 281 The combat defcrib'd vi. 296 Wounded by him vi. 32o Carried off His army defeated vi, 335 Id. 386 Retreats and calls a council vi. 414 Speech in council vi. 418 Reply to Nifroch there 'ia 469 Gives the word for renewing the battel vi. 458 Renetv'd by his army, and the fecond battle! defcrib'd vi. 669 7cs F' f f Satan