Milton - PR3550 D77 1777 M2

INDEX. Book Line SIMILES. Adam and Eve, after their fall -. to the Americans at 1 e firft feen by Columbus it His 3 Their repentance - to Deucalion and Pyrrha's addrefs / xi. 8 to reftore human race after their flood Adam carelling Eve - to Jupiter with Juno (May- showers) iv. 499 His addrefs to her fleeping - to Zephyrus breathing on v. its Flora Rower ------;- to Pomona's arbour v. 377 Defires to know the ftory of the creation, prior to his own - to thirst unallay'd, increafing vii. 66 Awak'd after carnal fruition, the first drat of his fall -} ix. 1059 to Samfon thorn by Dalilah Sorrow on the vision of Noah's flood - to a father's mourning his children all deitroy'd in his view at xi. 76o once Angels celeftial, the fpears (of the guardians of Paradife) 980 -- to ears of corn ripe for reaping Their march againft Satan's army ----- to that of the 1 . birds in Paradife to receive their names from Adam vi. 72 Their hallelujah's --L- to the found of feas x. 642 (Appointed to expel Adam, &c. from Paradife) -1 xi . / . 128 their faces to a double Janus (four) Their eyes - to thofe of Argus xi. 129 Their Jacob in appearance ahana therme - to the Angels appearing to xi. 213 ii -To thofe in Dothan against the King of Afryria xi. 216 Their motion to an evening milt xis. 628 Angels fall'n (or infernal) to autumnal leaves i. 3o2 - To floating fea.fedge after a storm i. 304. Roufing at Satan's command - to centinels waking from / fleep on duty i. 331 Irnbatteling againft the Angels celeflial -----, to the I Egyptian plague of locufts 338 -To the irruptions of the northern barbarians i. 355 Their difpofition to engage - to that of the heroes of i. antiquity 549 With them - the greatest armies in all ages fence thel i. creation - pigmies j 573 Themfelves - to oaks or pines blafted i. 612 Their fearching, &c. for the materials of Pandxmoniuml - to pioneers entrenching, &c. j i. 675 Angels pp,