Milton - PR3550 D77 1777 M2

T II g LIFE OF MILTO by THOMAS NEWTON, P. Pe IT is agreed among all writers, that the family of Milton came originally from Milton in Oxfordfhire ; but from which of the Miltons is not altogether fo certain. Some fay, and particularly Mr. Philips, that the family was of Milton near Abington in Oxfordthire, where it had been a long time feated, as appears by the monuments fill to be feen in Milton-church. But that Milton is not in Oxfordfhire, but in Barkftfire ; and upon inquiry I find, that there are no fuch monuments in that church, nor any remains of them. It is more probable therefore that the family came, as Mr. Wood lays, from Milton near Halton and Thame in Oxfordfhire : where it florifbed feveral years, till at fan the eflate was fequefter'd, one of the family having taken the unfortunate fide in the civil wars between the houfes of York and Lancafer. John Milton, the poet's grand-father, was, according to Mr. Wood, an under-ranger or keeper of the fora of Shotover, near Halton in Oxfordfhire; he was of the religion of Rome, and fuch a bigot that he difinherited his fon only for being a proteftant. Upon this the fon, the poet's father, named likewife John Milton, fettled in London, and became a fcrivener by the advice of a friend eminent in that profeffion : but he was not fo devoted to gain and to bufinefs, as to lofe all tafte of the politer arts, and was particularly Skilled in mufic, in which he was not only a fine per- former, but is alfo celebrated for feveral pieces of his compofition : and yet on the other hand he was not fo fond of his mufic and amuce- ;rents, as in the leaf to neglect his bufinefs, but by his diligence and ceconomy acquired a competent eflate, which enabled him after- wards to retire, and live in the country. He was by all accounts a very