Milton - PR3550 D77 1777 M2

THE LIFE or MILTON. 389 4 the acceffiry might help out the principal, according to the art of " fiationers, and leave the reader con la bocca dolce. " Now, Sir, concerning Your travels, wherein I may challenge " little more privilege ofdifcourfe with You ; I fuppofe, You will not " blanch Paris in Your way. Therefore I have been bold to trouble You with a few lines to Mr. M. B. wheat You Jinn eafily find at- " tending the young Lord S. as his governor ; and You may " furely reeeive from him good direaions for fhapingof Your far- " ther journey into Italy, where he did refide by my choice fointe time " for the king, after mine own recefs from Venice. " I fhould think, that Your bell line will be thro' the whole length " of France to Marfeilles, and thence by lea to Genoa, whence the " paffage into Tufcany is as diurnal as a Gravefend barge. I haflen5 " as You do, to Florence or Sienna, the rather to tell You a fhort " Flory, from the interell, You have given me in Your fafety. " At Sienna I was tabled in the houfe of one Alberto Scipioneo an old Roman courtier in dangerous times, having been Reward to " the Duca di Pagliano, who with all his family were firangled, fave " this only man, that efcaped by forefight of the tempeft. With " him I had often much chat of thofe affairs ; into which he took " pleafure to look back from his native harbour ; and at my depar- " ture toward Rome, which had been the center of his experience, I " had won confidence enough to beg his advice, how I might carry " myfelf fecurely there, without offence of others, or of my own " confcience : Signor Arrigo meo, fags he, i penfieri ftretti, & it vifo " fciolto, that is, Your thoughts clofe, and Your countenance loofe, " will go fafely over the whole world. Of which Delphian oracle " (for fo I have found it) Your judgment dotb need no commentary ; and therefore, Sir, I will commit You with it to the bell of all " fecurities, God's dear love, remaining Your friend, as much at " command as any of longer date. ff. WOTTON. " Sir, I have exprefily fent this by my foot boy to your departure, without fome acknowledgment from me K k k 4, of P. S. " prevent