Milton - PR3550 D77 1777 M2

406 T e LIFE OF MILTON. Milton's book was burnt at Paris, and at Toloufe by the hands of the common hangman : But this ferved only to procure it the snore readers : it was read and talked of every where, and even they who were of different principles, yet, could not but acknowledge that he was a good defender of a bad caufe; and Salmafius's book under. went only one impreffion, while this of. Milton palled thro' feveral editions. On the firil appearance of it, he was vifited or invited by all the foreign minifiers at London, not excepting even thole of crowned heads; and was particularly honored and efleetned by Adrian piaw, embaffador from the States of Holland. He was likewife highly complimented by letters from the molt learned and ingenious perfons ;n France and Germany ; and Leonard Philaris, an Athenian born, and ernbaffador from the Duke of Parma to the French king, wrote a fine encomium of his Defenfe, and fent him his piaure, as appears' from Milton's letter to Philaris dated at London in June 165z. And what gave him the greatell fatisfa&ion, the work was highly applaud- ed by thofe, who had defired him to undertake it ; and they made Nina a prefent of a thoufand pounds, which in thofe days of frugality was reckoned no inconfiderable reward for his performance. But the cafe was far otherwife with Sal mafius. He was then in high favor at the court of Chriflina Queen 'of Sweden, who had invited thither feveral of the aloft learned men of all countries but when Milton's Defenfe of the people of England was brought to Sweden, and was read to the Queen at her own defire, he funk immediately in her efteern and the opinion of every body ; and tho' he talked big at firft, and vowed the deftrudion of Milton and the Parliament, yet find- tng that he was looked upon with coldnefs, he thought proper to take leave of the court ; and he who came in honor, was difmiffed with contempt. He died fome time afterwards at Spa in Germany, and it is laid more of a broken heart than of any diflemper, leaving a pollhumous reply to Milton, which was not publifhed till after the .efloration, and was dedicated to Charles IL by his fon Claudius: but it has done no great honor to his memory, abounding with abufe 41I3ch more than argument, ifapc Vcffies was at Stockholm, when Milton's book was brought drlhtrra and in focoe of his Jute's to Nicholas Ideinlius,publifhed by Profelibr