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74 ENGLISH OPINION ourselves to one or two particulars in speaking of a life which was a constant series Of secret piety and active bene-, volence. When near her end, which happened in her twenty-second year, she implored of her lord, that whatever pro- vision might be made for the fortunes or acquirements of her children, they might be educated in the strictest principles of Christianity, in comparison of which she esteemed all worldly accomplishments as nothing. To her dying father, who had been inattentive to Christian duties, she administered such spiritual supports, that in rapture he praised God that he should live to receive his best religious conso- lations from his own child ! To the memory of the Lady Cutts, the incomparable wife of the gallant Lord Cutts, so distinguished at the siege of Namur, noble justice has been done in an admirable funeral sermon of Bishop Atterbury, which we would recommend to every reader who has a taste for exalted piety or fine writing.