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OF FRENCH SOCIETY. 75 The Lady Elizabeth Hastings was not less distinguished for superior talents than for eminence in every Christian attainment. She has been celebrated for both in the Tatler, under the very inap- propriate appellation of Aspasia. No two characters could form a more perfect contrast. But the time would fail to enumerate all theEnglish ladies who have conferred honour on their country. Of those already mentioned, all possessed con- siderable talents. Some were eminent for their skill in the dead languages ; others for their knowledge of philosophy and the sciences ; all for their high re- ligious attainments. All were practical Christians - all adorned their profession by the strictest attention to the do- mestic, the relative, and the social du- ties. But what shall we say to Rachael Lady * For a full account of these, and many other equally eminent ladies, see " Memoirs of Pious Women." E