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ENGLAND'S BEST HOPE. 89 or from the true enjoyments of society. There seems, indeed, little necessity for guarding b b a acrainst evils of which we see no great danger. Gentlemen should be scholars ; liberal learning need not interfere with religious acquirements, unless it be so conducted as to leave no time for its cultivation, unless it cause them to consider religion as an object of inferior regard. But no human learning ought to keep religious instruction in the back ground,. so as to render it an incidental, a subordinate part in the education of a Christian gen. tleman. Some apology might be made for the natives of a neighbouring kingdom for their contempt ofreligion, from the load of absurd and superstitious observances which degrade it. Though even they might have discovered, under these disad- vantages, much that is good; for they have had writers who yield to none in eleva- tion of sentiment, in loftiness of genius,