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90 ENGLAND'S BEST HOPE. and sublimity of devotion. * Yet the labours of these excellent men have left the character of their religion unaltered. But we have no such excuse to plead for the contempt or neglect of religion. Here, Christianity presents herself to us neither dishonoured, degraded, nor dis- figured. Here she is set before us in all her original purity ; we see her in her whole consistent character, in all her fair and just proportions, as she came from the hands of her Divine Author. We see her as she has been completely res- cued from that encumbering load under * What has been said here and elsewhere of France, and of the religion of France, has been said " more in sorrow than in anger," and with the sin. gle view of caution to our own country. However we deprecate the past, we still cherish the hope, that having witnessed the horrors of a political, we may one day hail the dawn of a moral revolution. A virtuous King, and an improving government, leave us not without hope that this fair portion of the globe may yet rise in those essentials without which a country can never be truly great. May they eventually improve in " that righteousness which alone exalteth a nation."