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ENGLAND'S BEST HOPE. 93 death of all that is graceful and amiable, in the human mind ; the destruction of all moral beauty. Its foundations are in the dust, and it is a vain attempt to hope to raise a noble superstructure on so mean and despicable a basis. Tell him, that the irreligious man never looks out of self. He is his own centre; all his views are low ; he has no conception of any thing that is lofty in virtue, or sub- lime in feeling. How should he ? He does not look to God as the model of perfection. He will act nothing that is holy, for he does not honour his com- mands ; he will conceive nothing that is great, for he does not look to the Arche- type ofgreatness ; there is no image of true grandeur in his soul. His mind will be reduced to the narrowness of the things to which it is familiarized, and stoop to the littleness of the objects about which it is conversant. His views will not be noble, because they are not ex, cursive ; they are confined, imprisoned, limed, entangled in earth and its con- cerns ; they never expatiate in the