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ENGLAND'S BEST HOPE. boundless regions of immortality. He has no connecting link between himself and things " Beyond this visible diurnal sphere." His soul is cramped in the exercise of all its noblest faculties ; his heart para- lyzed in its best attempts after a fugitive, meagre, low-minded virtue. There is no true elevation of soul but what the youth must acquire by the knowledge of God as revealed in his word ; no perfect example but that ex- hibited to him in the character of his Divine Son ; nothing but the Gospel, through the grace of God, will check his corruptions, give him a sense of his ac- countableness, and raise hisnature above the degraded state to which sin has re- duced it. It is 'material to reflect that nothing really preparative to his well-being in this life, and conducive to his qualifica- tion as an ornament to his country, will otherwise than forward him in his pro- gress for another country, even a hea.