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rM ii r. 96 ENGLAND}S BEST HOPE. of a bad cause : for he will find that those who cannot argue can sneer, and he may feel it harder to withstand the one than the other. Inform him that in France it was the ignorance of religion which produced the contempt of it ; and that both together overturned the state, by inculcating principles hostile to all virtue, fostering passions destructive of all order, and an impatience of control subversive of all government ; all springing from one common source, all meeting in one com- mon centre, a combination to throw off the government of God himself. Im- press upon his young mind that import- ant truth, that there can be no security for a state in which religion is not warmly yet wisely taught by its ministers, che- rished by its government, and believed and reverenced by the people. There are certain traditional sayings which claim a sort of prescriptive right to be received, which pass unexamined, and are credited as oracular. Guard