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ENGLAND'S BEST HOPE. 95 venly." Adopt the measures which even nature and reason suggest for making him a distinguished member of human society, and it will not lessen your satis- faction, nor lower your gratitude, when you see that you have not only trained him to be a useful and virtuous citizen, but also a candidate for heaven. Let your child be made familiarly acquainted with God's word, his provi- dence, his controlling power, his superin- tending eye. Let him be taught not barely to read, but to understand, to love, to venerate his Bible. If he be not early made familiar with its dialect as well as its doctrine, be may hereafter learn to undervalue its truths from a fastidious dislike to its venerable phrase- ology. Implant at a proper season, in his mind, the evidences of Christianity, in the clearest, simplest, and most explicit manner. Furnish him with arguments to defend it ; for he will not fail to hear it attacked. Teach him to despise ridi- cule, that last resort of the bad defender