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ENGLAND'S BEST HOPE. come in for such a proportion of his wealth as an enlightened conscience shall dictate. The Divine Person who refused, in a legal sense, to be "a divider or a judge," over a contested property, did not fail tograft on thequestion he avoided answering, the imperative caution, "Take heed, and beware of covetousness." There is another fatal lesson which he will learn in the world, and which the natural pride of his own heart will se- cond ; namely, that to resent an injury is a mark of spirit, while to forgive it shows a base mind. The prince of darkness, in his long catalogue of expedients, never invented a maxim which has brought more generous, but ill-disciplined souls to destruction. The uncurbed desires, the unrestrained passions, to which we have before ad- verted, the contempt of submission, the supposed meanness of forbearance, the hot resentments not controuled be- times in the boy, may have been pre- paring the man for an act which may