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ENGLAND'S BEST HOPE. 99 hereafter fill his whole life with cureless remorse. Boys well born, and accustomed to well-bred society, have a sort of instinct- ive notion of honour, Which is strength- ened by the conversation to which they are sometimes exposed. Seize upon this spirit, whether instinctive or contracted, but seize it with a view to convert it to higher purposes. This populak notion of honour may seem to give dignity to the tone of his conversation, while it is in- flating his heart with arrogance. It may indeed set him above doing an act which some fashionable men may agree to call base, but it will not preserve him from a duel, which these same men agree to call honourable. But whatever acquittal a jury of the world's men of honour may pronounce on such a transaction, it will, by that awful decision from which there lies no appeal, by the definitive sentence of the great Judge of quick and dead, be pronounced murder ;-murder of one of the combatants in the act, of bah F °