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ENGLAND'S BEST HOPE. 105 not always her aim, nor if it were, could she accomplish it. In your conversation with the young person, do not be satisfied to generalize religion. Religion is an indefinite term, a vague word, which may be made to in- volve a variety of meanings, and to amalgamate a number of discrepancies. It may release a man from all the pre- scribed institutions of Christianity ; it may set him loose from all its peculiar doctrines and restraints ; turn him adrift, and dismiss him to his choice between the " Jehovah, Jove, or Lord," of the sceptical poet. Since life and immorta- lity have been brought to light by the Gospel, a general religion is no religion at all. His must be the religion of the New Testament. Be not ashamed to teach your son the Gospel of Jesus Christ. If you believe that there is no other name under heaven by which your- self can be saved, you must be assured that there is no other salvation for your son. Be careful not to use ambiguous F 5