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104 ENGLAND'S BEST HOPE% and that. it is hard to be found " fighting against God." Against selfishness it is specifically proclaimed, that " no man" with any pretensions to a Christian cha- racter " liveth to himself;" that we are not to " seek our own things," and that we must " bear one another's burdens." Against egotism a host of precepts pre- sent themselves in battle-array, " to esteem others better than ourselves; to avoid vain glory; to look on the things of others ; to be slow to speak, ready to hear." Though these interior and mental sins are as much cherished by impiety as those which are coarser and more noto- rious, yet as the latter can produce no plausible pretence for their indulgence; as they cannot be qualified by any so- phistry, nor covered by any artifice, they are less likely to hold out to the end. Morality is disgusted by vulgar vice, by the practical sins of the sensual man ; but mere morality can never extirpate the vices of the heart and mind : it is