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118 ON SOUNDNESS IN JUDGMENT, not be unseasonable, as we proceed, to point out some of the dangers to which the less advanced Christianmay be liable, as well as some of the evils which may subsist with a high outward profession. To those who are beginning to see the importance of religion - and ofsuch per- sons, adored be Almighty goodness ! the number is rapidly augmenting - to those interesting characters, may the writer venture to address a few words of affec- tionate and respectful counsel ? Carefully encourage the first dawning dispositions of piety in your heart, che- rish every indication of a change in your views and an improvement in your sell- tinients. Let not the world, nor the things of the world, stifle the new-born principle, nor make you ashamed mo- destly to avow it. But while you cultivate this principle by every possible means, avoid the danger of fancying that your religion is confirmed when it is scarcely begun. Do not conclude that a complete change