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AND CONSISTENCY IN CONDUCT. 119 has been effected in your heart because there is a revolution in your opinions, and a favourable alteration in your feelings. The formation of a Christian character is not the work of a day ; not only are the views to be changed, but the habits to be new-moulded ; not only is the heart to be convinced of sin, but its propensities are to be bent into a contrary direction. Be not impatient, therefore, to make a public disclosure of your sentiments. Religion is an in- terior concern. Try yourselves, prove yourselves, examine yourselves, distrust yourselves. Seek counsel of wise, esta- blished, sober Christians. Pray ear- nestly for more light and knowledge, and especially for perseverance. Pray that you may be able to go on with the same zeal with which you Set out. Of how many may it be said, " Ye did run well - what hindered you ?" You ran too fast ; your speed exhausted your strength ; -you had not counted the cost.