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AND CONSISTENCY IN CONDIJCT. 123 knowledge and in all judgment." And, in his Epistle to the youthful Bishop of Crete, he repeats the admonition to young persons of both sexes to be sober-minded. These admonitions acquire great addi- tional force, when it is considered, that he who gave them was a man of exceed- ing ardency of temper, and of zeal with- out a parallel. This experienced saint must have frequently seen the danger of imprudent piety, of self-confidence, of a zeal not regulated by knowledge ; and therefore presses the great importance of a soundjudgment. Judgment is to the faculties of the mind, what charity is to the virtues of the heart ; as without charity the latter are of little worth, so without judgment talents are of little compa- rative use. Judgment, with the aid of God's spirit, and the instructions of his word, is the balance in which qualities are weighed, by which the proportions of o