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AND CONSISTENCY IN CONDUCT. ley 'more extensive, because more lasting good, when conducted by a cool head. We speak of this attribute the more positively, because it is one which, more than many others, depends on ourselves. A sbund judgment, indeed, is equally bestowed with other blessings by Him fromwhom cometh every good gift ; yet it is not, like the other faculties of the Mind, so much born with us, as im- provedby us. By teaching us to discern the faults of others, it warns us to avoid them ; by detecting our own, it leads to their cure. The deepest humility is generally connected with the soundest judgment. The judicious Christian is -watchful against speculative errors, as well as against errors in conduct. He never adopts any opinion because it is new, nor any practice because it is fashionable ; neither does he, if it be innocent, reject the latter merely for that reason. Judgment is, in short, that ,quality of the mind which requires to be kept in ever wakeful activity ; and the o 8