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AND CONSISTENCY IN CONDUCT. 1Q7 enough to be acquainted in heaven." So much to be regretted is it that good- ness of intention is not always attended by propriety in the execution. In another class, the want of con- sistency makes not a few appear over scrupulous as to some minor points, and lax in others of more importance. These incongruities not only bring the individual into discredit, but religion into disgrace. When theworld sees per- sons, whose views are far from high,.act more consistently with their avowed views, and frequently more above them, than some whose religion professes to be of a loftier standard, they will prefer the lower, as exhibiting fewer discrepancies, and less obvious contradictions. Consistency presents Christianity in her fairest attitude, in all her lovely proportion of figure, and correct sym- metry of feature. Consistency is the beautiful result of all the qualities and graces of a truly religious mind united and brought into action, each indivi- 4