More - PR3605 .M6 M5 1820

THE FIRST EDITION. XX1 his country. May not the reiterated passage of the Straits of Dover eventually produce moral changes not less im- portant ? The mischiefs effected by these inces- sant migrations may, indeed, be slow, but they are progressive. Principles which would revolt at the idea of any sudden change, are melted down by the gradual relaxation of continued contact. Complacency in the soothing enjoyment creeps on by almost imperceptible ad- vances. The revolution is not the less certain, because it is not acknowledged. The conscience, too, is quieted by the geographical anodyne - " I would, not do in England what I think it no harm to do in Paris." Might not a fair practical appeal be made to the different state of the feelings of many of our travellers, on witnessing the open violation of the sanctity of the first Sunday, and the twentieth repetition of the same abuse ? Who can affirm, that familiarity has not gradually dimi-