More - PR3605 .M6 M5 1820

XXil PREFACE TO nished the alarm, and in a good measure suppressed the indignation ? Who will assert, that this succession of desecrated sabbaths has produced no alteration in the state of their feelings, except that of reconciling them to the practice. They, indeed, who had made such a proficiency in religion as to maintain an unabated sense of the evil, would be the least likely unnecessarily to expose their principles to such a risk. For the bold remarks on this dangerous and delicate subject, the culprit throws herself on the mercy, and the anglicism of her readers ; on the courtesy of those, whose kindness she hopes will not be for- feited, by her having shown herself too exclusively an Englishwoman. Anxious, perhaps to a fault, for the welfare, the * Some, friends of the writer, men of the first respectability, who during the late war commanded volunteer corps, have acknowledged to her, that when first called out to drill on Sundays, their re- ligious feelings were most painfully wounded, but long habit made it gradually become a matter of indifference to them.