More - PR3605 .M6 M5 1820

THE FIRST EDITION. XXV judice, a word which, let it be repeated, was only meant to express blind zeal, neglected examination, and contented ignorance ? May not this growing attachment for foreign manners, bywearing out domestic attachments, create a powerful prepon- derance in the opposite scale ? The Eng- lish partialities being cured, may not those who shall have conquered them, become more satisfied with their acquired than with their former tastes ; may they not fancy, that they are grown more candid, when, perhaps, they are only be- come less conscientious? When the mind is softened down by pleasurable sensa- tions, pleased with every thing about 'it, it becomes pleased with itself; begins to look back on its former scrupulous cha- racter -with present triumph, rejoices in its enlargement from its previous narrow- ness ; congratulates itself on its acquired liberality ; calls what was firmness, bigo- try; until, to the altered character, the a